Mardi Gras Weekend in New Orleans

Hi loves! Happy Hump Day! Hope your week is going well! This blog post is waaay past due. I've had some major technical difficulties over here for the last several weeks! My MacBook Pro finally died, and as much as I didn't want to spend the money, I am so happy to be sharing this post from a brand new MacBook Air! Wee 🙌🏼

My old Mac was well...old and OMG, SO SLOW! That little rainbow wheel was spinning 24/7. 🙄 Its so nice to click on something and my computer actually responds! {LOL} With all that being said, I at one point thought I lost my entire iMovie library with all of my vlogs. 😵 To say I was relieved when that was not the case, would be a major understatement. 

So on to the actual post, shall we!? One of my weekends in New Orleans to visit Adam was Mardi Gras - such a fun experience, you guys! Mardi Gras 2018 {Fat Tuesday} fell on February 13. Leading up to the big celebration, there were parades running all over Nola starting as early as January 6. The house we are renting is in Uptown, New Orleans and little did we know that one of the biggest parade routes were just 2 streets up from us on Napoleon. When I say we were right in the thick of! There were parades, marching bands, cars parked, people walking, drunk people stumbling...all things Mardi Gras, right outside our door. 

Speaking of can definitely go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and have two entirely different experiences depending on where you are at. Mardi Gras where we were vs. what I can only imagine goes on down on Bourbon Street/The French Quarter are two totally different vibes. On a phone call with my mom, she was asking if there were boobs everywhere!? {oh, mom!} I told her I hadn't seen a single boob! {haha} I was actually so surprised to see how family oriented the parades were - there were families everywhere. 

Overall, we had a pretty low key weekend. Adam's shoot schedule has been crazy lately and he is exhausted on the weekend. I got in on Friday night - the usual 20 minute Uber ride from the airport took 1 hour and 45 minutes because of parade traffic and road closings - and flew back to Charlotte on Tuesday morning. We walked around on Saturday for one of the afternoon parades & ordered in Thai food while it stormed like crazy outside. 

It pretty much rained the entire weekend and the humidity was on another level until the weather flipped and became super cold on Monday. My hair looked like a hot mess half and I winded up throwing on Adam's sweatshirts & rain jacket half of the weekend because I didn't pack warm enough! {lol} Other than dinner on Sunday night to celebrate an early Valentine's Day, I feel like I didn't wear anything cute! There were so many times where I thought I shouldn't vlog because I looked tired or wasn't in a cute outfit, but I just like to keep it real with you guys. 

Thanks so much for stopping in! Hope you enjoy the post & my Mardi Gras Vlog! 

Have you been to Mardi Gras!? What did you do? 
Would love to hear what you did in the comments below. 

Favorite Face Exfoliators

How many times a week do you exfoliate? I am a HUGE fan of exfoliating and love to exfoliate head to toe weekly. But today, we're going to stick to talking about exfoliating that beautiful face of yours! Throughout the years, I've found that exfoliating 2x a week is more than plenty for my dry x super sensitive skin. Any more, and my already dry face starts to freak out.  

I keep my skin care regime pretty simple, but I definitely cannot live without a good exfoliator. I swear by this important skin care step for a smooth & even complexion + glowing skin! Also, regular exfoliation promotes cell turnover by getting rid of dull, dead skin cells AND gets rid of all those nasty toxins & pollution we come in contact with on the daily. If exfoliating your face isn't already a part of your weekly 'about face' routine then I hope this post inspires you to add this beauty-booting step into the mix - asap! Dermalogica is and has been one of my favorite skin care brands for years and I find myself always coming back to it after test driving other brands. I love that Dermalogica is free of common skin irritants & ingredients like alcohol + artificial colors & fragrances and my skin seems to always relish in their products. 

Just in case you might be skipping out on this oh-so-imporant step in your skin care routine and looking to add it or your just up for trying out a new exfoliator,  I've rounded up a handful of my favorite exfoliators below. I'm currently making my way thru the Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant. This is the latest version of their Daily Microfoliant. I've used & love both - but I'm really digging the activated charcoal in the new Superfoliant -  Its SO good!

FYI: I'm a big fan of Ulta for a lot of my beauty & skin care products. If your not already on their email list, be sure to sign up here - they are constantly sending out emails with promotions, discounts & their rewards program really racks up some nice points from all your purchases which = money back to you! #WINNING

This post wouldn't be complete without sharing this little gem of an exfoliation sponge I discovered from SpaCells a couple years ago! Its one of my all time ways to exfoliate my face! It has 2 sides - one is more firm, the other softer - and makes your face feel silky smooth. I like to use this in the shower to exfoliate my face, neck & décolletage.

What are some of your favorite exfoliators!? Please share in the comments below. I always love trying out new skin care products! 

15 Reusable Water Bottles to Up Your Water Game

I couldn't find my tank in the same color but linked the same one in two cute colors. My tights are from Lulu Lemon and no longer available. I linked a cute & similar pair from Nike. 

How much water do you drink in a day? I drink a gallon+ depending on my activities {hello, hot yoga!} and time of year. When I'm not hydrated, I just feel...blah. I feel sluggish, foggy, my skin doesn't look as healthy & vibrant and my body simply doesn't feel its best...
When I tell people how much water I drink, the most common reaction I get is: "WOW, I could never drink that much water"! I always say, "Yes you can"!! 
Just like so many things in life, drinking more water is nothing more than creating a new habit. Getting in the habit of carrying a water bottle with you is one of the easiest ways to up your water game! I promise you, once you start doing this, you'll be drinking more water without even thinking about it! I literally never leave my the house without one of my water bottles. 

I really love to carry a 1L bottle because its makes it super simple to keep track of how much I'm drinking. I know that once I've drank 4, I've got my gallon in for the day! 

There are so many awesome {and super cute} reusable water bottles to choose from, I wanted to round up my favorites to share with you here on Le Blog. Pick one {or two} and make sure you bring your bottle out & about on the daily! Personally, I am a fan of glass bottles over aluminum and don't worry, the glass bottles come with a protective covering! I've included options and fun colors for us girls, the boys and even a couple options for the littles. Its so important to form those healthy habits from a young age! 

Happy Monday & thank you so much for poppin' in! I hope you have the best week! xx


15 Reusable Water Bottles to Up Your Water Game 

Clients to Cocktails : Ruffle Sleeve Sweater + Black Denim

Happy Thursday, loves! Hope your week is all kinds of good! Welcome back to Clients to Cocktails! I'm excited to share this simple, yet chic ruffle sleeve sweater + black denim combo that is perfect to take you from your workday to dinner & drinks with your gal pals or SO...

I have been super into black denim lately! I've been wearing this particular pair of FRAME Denim like crazy for the last 6 weeks and looking to invest in another pair. For all of my fellow jeans & tee shirt girls out there, you need a quality pair of black denim in your life! They are THEE perfect pant to slip into for work...they look & feel dressy but with the comfort of your favorite pair of jeans! {Hello!}

So the weather has been kinda wacky here in Charlotte day is cold, one day its warm so on any given day, I find myself either bundled up or shedding layers. 
With that being said, the fun thing about this outfit, is that it can easily be taken well into Springtime just by swapping out those booties for ankle strap heels & opting for a "spring sweater" if you will. 

The ruffle trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so I've linked several cute & chic ruffle sleeve sweaters below to take you from now into Spring along with some booties, ankle strap stilettos and a few pair of black denim options to wear depending on what the weather is doing by you! 

Thank you for stopping by! xx






Copper Water Pitcher


Did you know that drinking water from a copper water pitcher has a whole host of amazing health benefits!? According to ancient Ayurvedic health principles, water stored in a copper pitcher (which is known as “tamra jal”) is known to balance the three doshas in your body - vata, kapha and pitta - by gently infusing the water with the many health benefits of copper.

I first learned about Ayurveda about 8-10 years ago and immediately fell in love with this beautiful mind + body practice. If you are unfamiliar with Ayurveda {ayur = life, veda = science or knowledge} I encourage you to Google and learn more about this beautiful tradition that brings  balance to your life - body, mind & spirit!


- improved digestion
- strong & healthy immune system
- supports thyroid health
- anti-aging + antioxidants
- regulates blood pressure, cholesterol & improves cardiovascular health
- stimulates your brain
- helps to prevent/reduce arthritis & inflammation
- makes your skin healthy, clear & vibrant

Once I learned of all the incredible health benefits offered just from simply filling up & drinking my water out of this gorgeous copper pitcher...uhm, sign me up! Its been about 1 month since I've received my copper water pitcher and I swear my skin is GLOWING! Additionally, I have noticed improved digestion + more energy & a clearer mind. 

I LOVE WATER, you guys! I drink a gallon of water a day! I feel my best - healthy, happy, clear headed, vibrant skin, bloat free -when I'm super hydrated! Since receiving my water pitcher from Shantiva, I fill my pitcher up 2x a day. Once before bed and again before I leave the house in the morning. Whatever I don't drink from the pitcher in the morning, I pour the rest into one of my reusable water bottles to take with me. 
Filling up my copper pitcher both morning & night gives the water plenty of time in the pitcher - overnight + all day while I'm out to work - to really absorb all the incredible health boosting benefits from the copper! FYI: I do use filtered water in my copper pitcher. 

If your wondering if the water from the pitcher has a "taste", I would say yes. However, it is very subtle and very much tastes like an alkaline or electrolyte enhanced water that you would buy at the market. Think: Smart Water, or Fiji Water. 

If your looking for a super simple way to boost your health & beauty, drinking water from this copper pitcher is an incredibly easy way to do so! Rather than spending money on all those special, store-bought waters, you can make very own alkaline water everyday, right at home! {hello!} 

Shantiva Copper Pitchers come in 2 sizes: 1.5L and 2.1L. In addition to being good for you, this pitcher is gorgeous and looks so pretty sitting on the counter! Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved hammered copper! My mom has always loved & had copper pots so naturally, I'm a fan! 

Please enjoy 10% OFF you copper pitcher purchase by using my code: LAUREN10. Valid now - Feb 28. I hope you use & enjoy your copper pitcher as much as I do! xx

Much Love & Health,


Thank you to Shantiva for sponsoring this post.
As always, all opinions are 100% my own.