white jeans + red cable knit sweater

{ Photos by: Eben Patten }

hey there, lovelies! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
As promised in yesterday's post, I'm sharing this outfit, that I wore to my Style Collective Blogger Brunch from a few weeks back!
I know its officially Spring and all, so you might be wondering why the heck I'm featuring a sweater, but, when I attended my brunch it was freezing outside - like 40-something - and, it was actually still dipping into the 30's just last week! 
With that being said, I've always been one to dress for the weather, so while my heart was screaming all things Spring, I'm all about being cozy & warm. So.. this outfit came to life!
White Skinny Jeans + Pop of Color made for the perfect Winter-to-Spring #OOTD
I decided to layer with my all time favorite denim button down (mine is super old, I've linked a super similar one here) and I just loved how all the pieces & colors pulled together just so. 

Red is one of my favorite colors & I couldn't resist this red cable knit sweater that I got on sale at Abercrombie pretty late in the winter season & only wore it 2x... so, I'll definitely be pulling it out next year (and probably the next) to wear over & over again. You guys know I am all about classic pieces that can be worn for years to come. A great cable knit is one of those classics & never goes out of style. This sweater is now on major  sale - just $20!!!  And, still available in all sizes! One of my favorite ways to score some great pieces (like this sweater) is to buy at the end of the season and store away for the next {appropriate} season. Some great style staples to do this with would be - boots/booties, coats, sweaters, denim - just keep in mind what trends may/may not stick around before purchasing! ;) 

Thanks so much for reading! Wishing everyone the best week! xx

CLT Style Collective Blogger Brunch @ Ilios Noche

A few weeks ago, myself + a group of local #BloggerBabes gathered for our very first CLT Style Collective meet up! { fun, fun } We brunched on the yummiest eats, chatted about all things Blogger Life & beyond whiling sipping on Champagne & Mimosas at one of my favorite spots in Charlotte - Ilios Noche. If you haven't eaten here - you must! They have the best food. 

It was such a pleasure to meet this beautiful group of ladies & simply to connect with fellow bloggers, and, be able to exchange our stories of how we got into blogging biz + learn a few things from each other & our experiences since we've started.
If your a fellow blogger, I highly recommend joining Style Collective! Its just a really wonderful community of women doing fun & great things in the Blogger World, inspiring & sharing all kinds of tips, tricks & knowledge in one fabulous creative space! 

{ Ilios Grilled Octopus }

{ Taste of All Spreads + Pita }

my sweet & silly friend - Tessa!
Follow her blog, Tessa Machen and/or Instagram @tessamachen 

{ Greek Country Salad + Shrimp }

{ Belgium Waffles }

{ Mediterranean Frittata }

{ Greek Benedict }

A {BIG} thanks to Ilios Noche for hosting us girls + Eben Patten for all the fun photos! 

I'll be sharing my outfit from our afternoon in a separate post! xx

Barbados Photo Diary

{ George Washington House }

Barbados, was our second stop on our Caribbean getaway and one of my favorites! I can't pinpoint just exactly why I loved this place so much, but I'm thinking all the colorful houses + the warm, inviting charm of the Barbadians would be a good place to start!
In case you couldn't tell by the post... I had a bit of a thing for all the bright & beautifully dilapidated houses scattered all over the Island. I'm pretty sure I was driving Adam crazy because I could.not.stop taking pictures. Every time I'd put the lens cap back on, I'd just take it right off again! {LOL}
 One of our favorite things to do, is to simply walk & explore - and that's exactly what we did! We decided to take the 4 mile walk (in all the heat & humidity) to the beach that we decided on based on what we wanted to do that day - Paddle Boarding! Paddle Barbados, got some really great reviews so we decided this would be the place to be and it did not disappoint! The beach was absolutely gorgeous - white sand + crystal clear, turquoise waters - and we had so much space to get out on our boards. We pretty much had the freedom to get out on the water and do whatever we wanted which was amazing, because typically, with most Island "excursions" they really try to control where/what you do - but not here! 

After a couple hours out on our boards, we toweled off and headed back out on our trek! Adam did some Googling to see if there was anything nearby and come to find out, there was - The George Washington House - just just down the street & up a hill from where we were. We checked out the GW House, which happened to have the cutest cafe - I grabbed a delicious iced coffee and we headed back out to explore some more. 

By the end of the day, we racked up about 10 miles and finally - hot, sweaty & heavy footed - we made our way back to the ship just before sunset and right in time for a sail away cocktail. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos! xx


Off The Shoulder Stripes

When it comes to style, two of my favorite things are stripes & showing off a little shoulder! So, when the two come together...you can only imagine how happy this makes me! If ya ask me, a girl can never own too many stripes! Am I right!? 

The sweet people over at Shein were kind enough to gift me this Striped Off The Shoulder Top { only $13 - hello!} to share with you all here! I am totally loving the bright colors & fun fit of this top - I have a feeling this one will be on repeat all Spring & Summer! It will be great for a fun girls night out or date night with Adam! 

For this look, I decided to match this top with my favorite white skinny jeans {on sale for $39} + some of my go-to gold accessories & nude heels! I just love how the bright blue & red really  P O P against the white jeans, don't you!?  
I think this off the shoulder top would look equally as cute with a great pair of super dark skinnies + nude strappy heels, or sandals, even. I've linked everything to your right! ;) 

Off the Shoulder tops in all kinds of stripes will be on trend all season! I've linked my top above - - or a few others I'm loving at the moment, below! 

Happy Hump Day, loves! Hope everyone is having a great week! xx

Much Love,   

workouts this week : 3.13 - 3.19

Hi there! Happy Monday & Happy First Day of Spring, loves!
 Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Checking in with most recent round up of workouts! If you read last weeks post, here, you know that we drove home from Raleigh on Monday after visiting Adam's family for the weekend. We hopped in the car at 11:50am and got home at 3:15pm. We took our time getting back, stopping for lunch & for coffee. I was seriously struggling with the time change. And feel like I still am! Anyone else!? I just can't get out of bed in the morning! {yikes!} Any way, the only thing I wanted to do after sitting in the car for so long was get on my mat to move, breathe and stretch...so, by 3:40 we were back in the car to catch the 4pm class @ Yoga One. Its exactly what my body needed after that car ride! 

We made it to Boxing 2x last week! First time in a couple months, I believe! Ahh, it felt so good! Thursday's & Saturday's are my favorite because Denice really turns up the intensity - she calls these class Extreme Kickboxing! I have been sweating SO much in the there lately - I. LOVE. IT.

Thanks so much for stopping in! Wishing everyone a great week! xx

Be Healthy & Happy,  

Monday. 3.13.
60 Minutes Hot Yoga @ Yoga One

Tuesday. 3.14.
I had the busiest day on Tuesday!
A client missed our session, so I did hop on the treadmill to power walk for 20 minutes before I had to get to my next appointment. Squeeze it in whenever you can, loves! Every little bit counts! 

Wednesday. 3.15.
I decided to do 1 minute Intervals on the stair master - first time in forever! I tried to do Level 20 like I used to do and that so wasn't happening!! {yikes!} I did do Level 16 which totally kicked my ass! I definitely felt it later in the day. 

Thursday. 3.16
Kickboxing @ East Coast Fighter

Friday. 3.17
CARDIO / 30 minutes
15 minutes / Stair Master
15 minutes / Treadmill / .25 mile intervals - run/incline power walk

Saturday. 3.18.
Kickboxing @ East Cost Fighter

Sunday. 3.19.
Winded up being a rest day. Adam & I headed out to shoot some content for the blog that I'm super excited to share over the next 7-10 days! 

{ Adam picked up a couple of these 'kite hill' almond milk yogurts for me - one strawberry & one peach - they were delicious! I NEVER eat flavored yogurt because of the crazy amount of sugar for such a small serving. This was a yummy treat, for sure! I will definitely get this brand again but the plain one - boring, I know. LOL }

Matcha Smoothie @ I LOVE JUICE BAR
One of my Faves here!! 

Chicken Thighs + Peppers & Onions is one of our go-to dinners - so good & easy to make!

15 Swimsuit Cover Ups for Spring & Summer

I remember back in my late teen's/early-mid twenties, when I wouldn't dream of putting on a swimsuit cover up! I used to just walk around with, as my mother would say, "everything hanging out" {ha!} I have always been a fan of a skimpy bikini and the smallest tan lines possible! Who else hates tan lines!?

From a young age, I've always been super comfortable with my body and never really felt the need to cover up. I suppose my European roots + spending my summers in Austria, where everyone so freely goes topless and is so comfortable with their body, just naturally made me more open. I have observed so many women who won't even get up from their lounge without covering up! I know we all have our own hang-ups when it comes to our body - especially when it comes to baring so much skin in a swimsuit - but, I think everyone should have the body confidence to strut their stuff down the beach or around a pool in a swim suit sans a sarong!  

With all that being said...now, at 33, I'm still comfortable floating around in a teeny bikini, but I'll jump at any chance - bathroom break, cocktail run, lunch at a fabulous beach bar - to throw on a cute & chic swimsuit cover up

Whether your simply hanging out at the neighborhood pool, hitting the beach, or going on some fabulous chichi resort vacay, there is a cover up to suit your needs - there are so many fun options to choose from! 

I've linked 15 of my current favorite cover ups, including this Surf Gypsy Stripe Poncho, which is available in 5 other options! Thanks so much for stopping in! xx

Much Love,