The Best & Healthiest Tuna Salad

About 2x a month, I get a real hankering for some Tuna Salad. Homemade Tuna, Egg & Chicken salads have always been a thing in our house since I was a little girl. As silly as it sounds, I always say that cooking & preparing food at home is an act of love vs. going out and grabbing something prepared in a store or even worse, fast food...

Tuna Salad is one of those things that are SO easy to grab at your local deli, Whole Foods, wherever...however taking the time to prepare it for yourself is way healthier for you and lets not forget to mention - way cheaper! I think we are all familiar with how expensive those by-the-pound prepared foods/salads can get, yes!? 

I often scan the ingredients for Tuna Salad at various delis/markets and there's times when I've found sugar on the list. Sugar!? Why the heck do you need to add sugar, of all things, to Tuna Fish Salad!? πŸ™„ A: uhmm, you don't! Not to mention the ridiculous amount of mayonnaise contained in store bought Tuna Salads. {ick!} 😝 Speaking of Mayonnaise, I really am not a fan. With that being said, some things, like tuna salad, just need a little mayo, ya know!? Sir Kensington's Mayonnaise has become my go-to when making Tuna or Chicken salad at home. The ingredients are as clean as mayo can possibly be. It has 33% less fat, uses sunflower oil & free range eggs + its gluten-free & non-GMO. Its the one brand of Mayo I actually feel good about using. I absolutely love adding a touch of mustard in my Tuna Salad. I recently switched from using Grey Poupon to this Horseradish Mustard from Stonewall Kitchen and I just LOVE the little kick it provides - so  good! 

For some reason, I almost always make Tuna Salad on a Saturday. {lol} Adam & I will get done with our boxing class, pop into the market on our way home and pick up everything I need to whip up a big batch of Tuna to last us 2-3 days. Adam usually eats his on a toasted, mini baguette with a little extra smear of mayo on the bread (so yummy) and I eat mine one of 3 ways just depending on what I'm in the mood for/how hungry I am...
A few scoops of tuna salad + my go-to gluten free crackers: 
- Blue Diamond Artisan Nut-Thins
- Blue Diamond Nut-Thins (Hint of Sea Salt)
Make a Tuna Fish Sandwich on Udi's Gluten-Free Millet Chia Bread
Make a salad with romaine, cucumber & tomatoes and top it with tuna salad

As much as I love tuna, I do remind myself to eat it in limited I started this post, I try to not make tuna salad more than 2x a month. I'm sure you are all familiar with the fact that canned tuna is known to carry higher levels of mercury. Studies show that "white" albacore tuna contains higher levels of mercury than the pink "chunk light" tuna fish. I've read a couple times that if you eat the "light" tuna it should come from Skipjack, which is lower in mercury. 
Of course, my favorite kind is the white tuna. πŸ˜• There's just something about the pink stuff that looks so unappetizing. Who else feels this way!? {lol} Another thing you want to look for when buying canned tuna is for the label to read "PBA Free" - the chemical found in plastics & canned goods. A couple brands I've researched that are found to be lower in mercury + use BPA Free cans: 
- Wild Planet - Trader Joe's - Safe Catch


Tuna Fish : 3 cans, drained
1 medium vidalia onion : chopped finely
6 stalks organic celery : trim ends, and chop
Sir Kensington's Mayonnaise : 1-2 tablespoons
Horseradish Mustard : 1 tablespoon {grey poupon works if you can't find the horseradish}
Salt & Pepper to taste {I like a fair amount of pepper}

open & strain all cans of tuna and empty into a large mixing bowl
add chopped celery & onion to the bowl
add mayonnaise and mustard, then salt & pepper
mix, mix, mix
serve, eat, enjoy! 

Hope you guys enjoy as much as I do! xx

Blush Cold Shoulder Top + Ripped Black Skinny Jeans

Happy Tuesday, loves! How is your week!? Monday was a bit of a rough start over here. I got like,[no] sleep on Sunday night -- evidently I get heartburn now -- not fun you guys! I was up tossing & turning and propped straight up against the headboard basically the whole night to help with the burning in my chest. We ate super late during the whole weekend + had a bunch of different, acidic foods (Indian & Italian, hello) that just didn't sit well with me. We also had the craziest thunderstorms in the early morning hours that, once I did fall back asleep, woke us both up! So needless to say, I passsssssed out Monday night, slept 9 hours and woke up feeling amazing today! πŸ™Œ

In other news, I got my hair trimmed last Friday afternoon...I think its been over 6 months and as much as I hated taking off more than 1/4 of an inch, (I really hate cutting my hair) my girl told me it really needed close to a full inch. I didn't love losing my length, but I do LOVE how healthy & thick my ends look now - they were so split, stringy and frizzed out before! {ick!} πŸ˜œ

Onto this outfit... I am SO in love with this blush cold shoulder top! I nabbed this during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I just love everything about this top, you guys! The color, the cold shoulder + tie-top detail and the shimmery, satin texture! I wore this OOTN for a date night at one of our favorite spots, Dilworth Tasting Room (1/2 off rosΓ© on Thursdays, yassss) - it's the perfect mix of comfortable & chic!

I really love the edginess of my black ripped up skinnies + ankle strap stilettos with this feminine top - Its such a fun and sexy mix! So below, I linked a pair of suede block heels that I also bought in the #Nsale that I think would look totally cute with this outfit as the temps get a little cooler and you don't want your toes to freeze! lol I linked them in both black suede +  the color I got...the prettiest, velvety blush! My favorite MAC Lipglass - Candy Box - just so happens to match this top just so πŸ‘Œ I've linked it below, too! 

Thanks so much for visiting my little corner here on the www πŸ˜‰

Much Love, 


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : What I Bought

good morning, loves! happy sunday. hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! 
its the most beautiful morning here in Charlotte and I'm all easy like Sunday morning over here... currently on coffee cup No. 2 and listening to 'Coffee Table Jazz' on Spotify. 
Today is the LAST day to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. You guys, why can't this sale just last forever!? {haha} Actually, that might be really bad for my bank account! I wanted to share everything I bought, just in case your doing some shopping today during the final hours of the biggest sale of the year! 

So, I pretty much stuck to the basics, buying pieces that I know I will wear over and over again throughout the fall and into winter. I did go a little crazy in the shoe section -- boots & booties, in particular. The prices are just so amazing I could not help myself! 

If your looking to add just one piece and one piece only to your wardrobe this season, be sure to check out my post on Splurge Worthy Pieces from the #Nsale.  Just an FYI: NO I did not buy everything in every color below. I just wanted to link the same item in a different color option for you to see! I also only linked what is still in stock. Unfortunately, as expected, so many items sold out super fast. Some were restocked, but a lot weren't, as well. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! xx

10 Tie-Shoulder Dresses for Summer

Hello August! Wow, you guys! Where has this summer gone!? I seriously cannot believe Fall is just around the corner! I hope you all have been having a wonderful summer! This summer has been so different for me in so many ways. For starters, I've had Adam home with me all summer - well, actually all year - with the exception of a couple short work trips here & there. This is the first summer my love has been home rather than on location filming since we started dating 3 years ago. Having him home has been amazing, to say the least! 

My schedule over the last few months has been super crazy and all over the place. Real Estate has been awesome and keeping me SO busy + a bit of personal training here and there + trying to keep up with posting here on the blog as much as possible. With all that being said, we haven't been on any trips which is totally out of the norm for us, but I seriously haven't had much time to sneak away. Adam is getting ready to take a TV show that will be filming in New Orleans for the next 5 months (this hasn't even begun to sink in yet..major sad face over here) so that will basically be my second home while he is there. 

So that pretty much wraps up the life update so lets get to the actual outfit post, shall we!? 

So last week, I popped into Anthropologie to grab a Gift Card for a client of mine that just closed on her condo and I couldn't resist wandering on over to the sale section, which is wear I found this darling tie-shoulder dress! You guys know sale shopping is my thing, so when I started writing up this post and linking dresses, I couldn't find this exact one... but I did find some other super cute tie-shoulder dresses that I've linked below to get you thru this last month of hot & humid summer days. 

This dress can easily be taken from daytime casual to evening chic with just a simple switch of shoes & a small clutch rather than a large tote/basket bag. (my basket bag is on major sale for under $50) I actually wore this dress exactly as I am above for a open house last Saturday and then slipped off my sandals and into my favorite suede mules (on sale for $139) for dinner later on in the photos below! 

Confession time...I am so ready for Fall, you guys! This might be one of my last super summery posts because I am craving all the Fall things! Uhm, my Nordstrom Sale goodies, especially! I'm so ready for boots, sweaters & scarves - wee! Speaking of the Nordy Sale - if you haven't taken advantage of the deep discounts, you have 4 days left to shop!! 

As always, thanks for stopping in! xx

Much Love, 

{10 Tie-Shoulder Dresses for Summer}

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : Splurge Worthy Pieces

Hey loves! Happy Tuesday! Hope your week is off to a stellar start! Adam is traveling for work for a couple days and I am having a super productive week so far including going under contract on a really cute townhouse for a client of mine yesterday - I am SO excited for her! 

So The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming to a close in just 5 short days! Before time runs out, I wanted to share some Splurge Worthy Pieces that are apart of this amazing sale! 
You guys know that I am all about Investment Pieces...those classic, versatile style staples that you mix & match + wear for years to come! 
Everything I've linked below is in your must-have neutrals - black, grey, navy, and all the shades of brown - camel, tan, taupe and ivory.

Coats, Cardigans & Sweaters - cashmere, especially - are timeless pieces that, when chosen correctly can last you lifetime - which is why I've linked quite a few below! This years #Nsale is stocked full of beautiful pieces that can help you build a coveted capsule collection of chic & classic staples that you that you can enjoy season after season.

If you've been saving up for one thing, and one thing only - perhaps you'll see something that tickles your fancy below. xx

In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.
— Iman