Always Hungry Tank + 3 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Fueled On-The-Go

Happy Monday, my loves!! Hope your week is off to a healthy, happy & productive start! 
Can we talk about this Always Hungry tank!? It was made for me! {haha} While I was shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I came across this super cute graphic tank and even tho it wasn't on sale I could NOT talk myself out of buying it! I seriously am always hungry, you guys! Adam cracked up when I put it on the other day because its so true!  

We also need to talk about these Zella High Waist Moto Leggings! This is my first pair of Zella leggings (thank you Nordstrom Sale) and I'm totally obsessed! They seriously fit & feel amazing + hug in all the right places, girls! They are high waisted but not crazy high - I'm not a fan of not having belly button, ya feel me!? I've also linked up 2 of my fitness must-haves: a cute & supportive sports bra + my favorite Nike Running Shoes - Zoom Vomero 12 - I've gone thru 5 pairs of these shoes - they support my flat feet & feel super light while I'm running!

In the spirit of this tank, I thought it would be fun to share 3 of my favorite snacks that help to keep me fueled throughout my busy, on-the-go days! 

3 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Fueled On-The-Go

ProBar : Gluten Free, Made with REAL, Raw, Whole Food Ingredients
{My 3 Favorite Flavors}
Peanut Butter 
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip 
Chocolate Coconut ProBar

Siggi's Single Serving Plain Yogurt + Organic Gala or Fuji Apple
{a single serving of Siggi's Yogurt has 17g of protein, 100 cals & only 3g of sugar}

Apple + Handful of Raw Almonds and/or Walnuts
{fiber + healthy fats help keep you full & fueled}

7 Ways to Stay Healthy, Fit & Motivated This Winter

I don't know about you guys, but when it comes to Winter, my drive to workout just doesn't run as strong as the rest of the year. Cold & grey, short days aren't exactly high on my motivation list, if ya know what I mean!? Since I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this feeling, I thought it would be fun to share some personal tips to help keep you healthy, fit & motivated throughout those dreaded winter months!
 Luckily, here in Charlotte, we do have fairly mild winters, and, we get these random 70° days that I absolutely live for & boy do they help get me through the winter, but I know other parts of the country aren't this lucky when it comes to winter weather and some even have to stick it out all the way up to April - bless you, people. This Florida girl would never survive! 
Of course these tips below can be use to stay motivated & on track all year round, so bookmark this post if you like and/or share it with a friend if you know of anyone who might need a little extra FitSpiration! xx

{ 7 Ways to Stay Healthy, Fit & Motivated This Winter }

Its so easy to makes excuses & allow everything else on your calendar to take priority causing  your workouts slip by the wayside. Trust me when I say, 1-2 days of missed workouts can very easily turn into 3,4 or 5 missed days and before you know it, you've completely fallen off the workout wagon. You absolutely do not want this to happen. Even if its just 30 minutes, allot "me time" in your calendar to ensure you do NOT miss your workout. If you know your the type of person to let your day get away from you and before you know it you have no time/its too late to workout, I highly recommend getting your sweat on first thing in the morning before your day & all your commitments get the best of you. 
You will have more energy & feel better all around, as well as be better for others in your life. 

You wouldn't miss an important meeting with your boss or team, right!? Give your workouts this same respect. Most likely there will be consequences if you miss an important meeting or deadline at work - think of your workouts in the same way. Consequence of missing workouts?? Poor food decisions, weight gain, less confidence in yourself, clothes not fitting how you want them to, an more...
Schedule your workouts into your calendar just like you would any other appointment! ;) 

At the end of the day, we know ourselves pretty well. With that being said, if you know your going to have a hard time showing up for your workouts, find a friend, set a schedule and have that friend hold you accountable. Of course, you need to make sure this friend isn't the type of person to cancel on you and you actually get work done vs. your "workout" turning into social hour. 

A group class is a fantastic way to get & stay motivated! Even I have my days where I just don't feel like going it alone at the gym & need that extra little push! For me, there's nothing like a fun & fast moving, music-thumping, heart-pumping group class to get me amped up - its a seriously  ahhh-mazing way to get those endorphins flowing! One of my favorite classes is my boxing class at East Coast Fighter. If your local, I cannot recommend this class enough - it is awesome & will challenge you every time! Check out their class schedule, here

Cute, new active wear is without a doubt a motivator to get your butt moving! There is just something about getting new workout clothes, right!?  I get so pumped when I get a new pair of sneakers, leggings and/or a couple fun, new tanks! Naturally, you want to look & feel your best in your new gear and the best way to do this is to stay fit & healthy by eating clean, wholesome foods + maintaining a consistent workout routine! 

GET OUTSIDE (preferably on a sunny day)
Layer up or really bundle up (depending on just how cold it is where you are) and get outside on a sunny day and put that body in motion!! A power walk, jog, bike ride, whatever you enjoy - just get that blood flowing and try to stay in the sunniest spots! If one side of the street is in the shade & the other is in the sun, you can find me on the sunny side - I literally chase the sun! This is my tricky little way of making myself feel like I'm somewhere warm! (LOL) Am I the only one who does this!? Even if its chilly outside, there's nothing like fresh air & sunshine, my loves! When you get back inside, you'll feel all toasty & happy that you got out and got moving. Also, this is just a nice switch up from the gym/studio.

I know we're talking about working out here, but I couldn't help but include this important tip! If your not already privy to this... food, particularly the unhealthy, processed kind, has a strong connection with how you feel about yourself - physically & emotionally. During the winter months, we naturally shift away from the lighter foods that we crave during the warmer months of the year - fruits, veggies, green smoothies, salads, lean meats - and go towards those comfort foods that often come in the form of processed carbs, sugar & empty calories. Stay on track during the Winter by continuing to eat those light & healthy foods, and, when your craving something warm & cozy, stick with complex carbs like oatmeal, quinoa, lentils, sweet potatoes & such that nourish your body & soul. I promise, come Spring you'll be much happier with your decision! 

P.S. How fun is this outfit from Track & Field!? They have the best collections of rad tights, tanks, sports bras, long-sleeves & zip-ups! Charlotte readers, if you didn't already know, we have a store right here in South Park Mall. They also have locations in Miami & New York! 
{ Please enjoy 15% OFF your Track & Field Purchase using Code: Lauren }

Much Love, 


Last Sunday, me & Adam took the drive up to Blowing Rock to do a little hiking + enjoy some of the gorgeous fall foliage we're so lucky to have this time of year here in North Carolina. I say this all the time, but considering the short, 1.5 hour drive... sneaking up to the mountains is just so easy & such a lovely over-night getaway for us. We absolutely adore Blowing Rock and it really can't be beat during this time - the last 2 weeks of October - where every leaf lover and their brother is in the mountains for the same reason - Leaf Season. 

Sub_Urban Riot Happy Camper Tank / Free People Bandana / Watch

We got into Blowing Rock around 130pm, starving, and landed at Blowing Rock Ale House for lunch. Just like every other restaurant in town, the place was absolutely packed, but we got lucky with our favorite place - a spot at the bar. 2 mimosas, salads & an order of french fries later... we were ready to do a little hiking. We decided on one of Adam's favorite trails in Moses Cone Park for a leisurely 4-5 mile hike. After having the most picture perfect weather all week, the clouds unfortunately rolled in over the weekend, both in Charlotte & the mountains which was a little disappointing considering we were so looking forward to those expansive mountain views. And of course, when we woke up Monday morning to drive back down to Charlotte it couldn't have been a clearer/sunnier/bluer day. 

we stopped in to CAMP Coffee to grab some lattes (almond milk for moi) for our drive down. 

laugh, love & live each day with a happy, open heart & mind. 

Happy Weekend, friends! xx


Athleisure: Leggings + Black & White Stripe Long Sleeve

another day, another stripe. 

this black & white striped number is something that you can catch me wearing while running errands, cafe sitting, garden center with my boo or any other thing that I want to just throw something on & go all while feeling cute, comfy & put together. 

this Urban Outfitters Reversible Tote (only, $40!) is my everyday go-to carryall.  I've had it for over a year now and it's totally held up to alllll the stuff I throw in it on a daily basis!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & Happy Monday!! xx

Much Love,

Do What You Love And Do It Often

Hiya loves!! Happy Hump Day!
Just a quick post sharing one of my current fave sweatshirts... just like The Best Things In Life Make You Sweaty tank I recently shared, this is another goodie from good hYOUman! They just have the cutest (and coziest) tee's, tanks, and pullovers. I've been wearing this super soft sweatshirt like, all.the.time. Especially at work, because its always freezing and I have to wear a sweatshirt year round otherwise I'll freeze!! lol 

Idk about you guys, but I am such a sucker for tops with inspirational messages on them and I particularly love the short & sweet note on this sweatshirt! Remember to make the time to do the things that you love! Surround yourself with the people & things that bring a sense of calm, love & happiness into your life..

For me, I truly do appreciate the simple things in life.. It is so easy to get caught up in goals and always doing more, wanting more, achieving more but there is so much beauty in finding happiness in the simple...
I adore taking long walks & talks with Adam, yoga, cooking, drinking wine, family time with my parents, sister, niece & nephew, bike rides, really good dark chocolate, breaking a sweat, the occasional lazy day, girls nights, date nights in & out with Adam, hiking & so much more.

whatever it may what you love.