15 Swimsuit Cover Ups for Spring & Summer

I remember back in my late teen's/early-mid twenties, when I wouldn't dream of putting on a swimsuit cover up! I used to just walk around with, as my mother would say, "everything hanging out" {ha!} I have always been a fan of a skimpy bikini and the smallest tan lines possible! Who else hates tan lines!?

From a young age, I've always been super comfortable with my body and never really felt the need to cover up. I suppose my European roots + spending my summers in Austria, where everyone so freely goes topless and is so comfortable with their body, just naturally made me more open. I have observed so many women who won't even get up from their lounge without covering up! I know we all have our own hang-ups when it comes to our body - especially when it comes to baring so much skin in a swimsuit - but, I think everyone should have the body confidence to strut their stuff down the beach or around a pool in a swim suit sans a sarong!  

With all that being said...now, at 33, I'm still comfortable floating around in a teeny bikini, but I'll jump at any chance - bathroom break, cocktail run, lunch at a fabulous beach bar - to throw on a cute & chic swimsuit cover up

Whether your simply hanging out at the neighborhood pool, hitting the beach, or going on some fabulous chichi resort vacay, there is a cover up to suit your needs - there are so many fun options to choose from! 

I've linked 15 of my current favorite cover ups, including this Surf Gypsy Stripe Poncho, which is available in 5 other options! Thanks so much for stopping in! xx

Much Love,