2 Smoothie - "Smoothie Sunday"

Happy, Happy Sunday! Hope every one has had a beautiful weekend. I had a lovely, lazy Sunday. Late night out with friends, which called for a little sleeping in this morning. I had all intentions to get up and take the 915 yoga class at Y2, but opened my eyes right about 930.  Ate at Whole Foods late morn/early aft and then restocked on my greens and powders. I literally ran out of everything all at once, ugh. Made for a pretty pricy checkout at Whole Foods, but so worth the investment and all this lasts me a good month, at least! Ran a few more errands, popped into Trader Joe's to pick up a few more things and then spent the afternoon with my best friend who is home from NYC for the weekend - this made me SO happy.

Two recipes for you all today -- one green and one blue...eh, purple-ish, really -- for those of you who still haven't jumped on the green smoothie train.

I made both of these smoothies earlier this week and loved them both!

Green Smoothie:

- Handful Organic Baby Spinach
- Handful Organic Kale (stemmed)
- 1 Banana
- 1 Stalk Celery
- Juice of 1 Lemon
- Small, Organic Gala Apple (cored & peeled)
- Cinnamon
- Water & Ice...Blend!

LS Tips:

- I LOAD up on bananas because I like them super ripe to sweeten up my smoothies. - I buy bags of Organic Gala and/or Fuji Apples (my two favorite apples) from Trader Joe's which are "small" compared to buying those huge individual apples off the shelf. - Use a Peeler to get all the stringy bits off the stalk of celery - this helps it to blend up smoother.

Blueberry/Mango Smoothie:

- 1 Cup: Frozen Mango Chunks
- 1 Cup: Frozen Blueberries
- Tspn Ground Flaxseed
- Raw Vanilla Protein Powder
- Cinnamon - Pumpkin Spice
- Tspn Almond Butter (TJ Brand - organic, creamy, unsalted)
- Splash Almond Milk (unsweetened Vanilla)
- Scoop Green Super Food
- Water

Eye Spy.....Check out at Whole Foods.

- Organic Girl Greens - Baby Kale & Super Greens Mix.
- Trying out a few new things....Chia Powder, first time buying powder vs. seeds. (will luk what I think, of course)
- Maca Force: New brand of Maca Powder. Vanilla Spice Flavor
- Spirulina: I usually buy this in bulk at Earth Fare but they don't sell it at Whole Foods, so I went with this instead. - Green Super Food Powder
- Dr. Hauschka - Quince Day Cream (one of my favorite moisturizers) - Brussels Sprouts - Essentia Water: Love this for a couple reasons...
1) pH Balanced & contains electrolytes for extra hydration
2) The bottle is BPA FREE. BPA's are the harmful chemicals & resins in plastics &  metals such as bottled water, tupperware (switch to glass), canned goods, etc... these chemicals can seep into your water & food - yuck!! Its a great idea to seek out BPA FREE containers. ;)

And my brunch at WF...yummy mix off the hot & cold bar...mixed greens salad w/ goat cheese, carrots, roasted butternut squash, roasted tomatoes & roasted brussels sprouts -- YUMMM! Raw pepitas & half blackened chik breast on top. And D&D coffee.

Much Love,