A Day In The Life: #wiw, work, food, fitness

A bit late on sharing this day, but better late than never, right? 

2 Thursday's ago, I had one of those crazy, go-go-go days. 
Its day's like these that planning is an absolute must! If I didn't plan, I'd go hungry, be sitting in sweaty clothes & just feel all around frazzled trying to get thru the day. 

A play by play on my day...
- Clients:
- Box: 230-315
- Clients: 330-6
- Girls Dinner: 730

 - Coffee & Healthy Breakfast + steamed some broccoli & cauliflower to bring to work with me and to have left over to just open the fridge to grab & eat. 
- Pack lunch/snacks to eat throughout the day. On day's that I box, I eat more than normal bc the workout is so intense... 1) I need energy to get me thru the workout 2) I'm starving afterwards/need to eat enough to recover from the workout
- Luckily, we have a really nice hot & cold water filter at work so I bring a green tea bag + cup to work pretty often to make tea in the afternoon during sessions. warms me up & gives me a little caffeine boost. 
- Pack bag with sneaks & 2 changes of clothes  -- for boxing & to change afterwards so I'm not sitting in my sweaty clothes for my next sessions. Wet, sweaty clothes + body temp normalizing post workout leaves me FREEZING cold! 

How do you prepare for a busy day!? xx

Much Love,


healthy fruits & veggies, nuts & seeds to graze on throughout the day...

holy red face!! lol my face matched my tank after boxing..

dinner with a couple of my best girls at Jade - Asian Fusion. 
not really my fave place, food is just okay
I had the avocado salad and did not use that dressing + this giant plate of spicy sautéed veggies & brown rice which was swimming in sauce...to be expected tho