A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Hiya dolls! Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far. It it super wet here in CLT  -- so. much. rain. and for some reason, I'm totally lovin' it. Most of the time rainy days kinda mess with my mojo but I just find it so peaceful & relaxing today.Catching you all up to speed since my last post on Wednesday. The stomach bug had me down & out all day ...the only good thing that came from that was the ridiculous amount of sleep I got -- uhmm, about 15 hours. ahhhmazing. I woke up Thursday morning feeling fabulous and had more energy than I knew what to do with from my abundance of sleep!! :))


End of week workouts looked like this:

Thursday: Legs & Booty - Combo of timed + High Rep Exercises - Treadmill: 20 minutes - Incline walking

Circuit: 3 rounds

- BOSU Glute/Ham Raises: 30 seconds full ROM/30 sec pulses, each leg
- Curtsy Lunge: 25 reps each leg
- Glute Kickback/Fire hydrant Combo: 30 secs each (knees & forearms)
- Kettlebell Squat & Swing: 25 reps
- Balancing: Straight Leg Kickback: 25 reps each side

1 Hour - Boxing Session
- 3 minute rounds, 30 seconds recovery: Mix of Shadow Boxing, Mitt Work and db drills (check out my video on Facebook page, here.)

Saturday: 1.5 hours yoga fusion at Laughing Buddha. - Combo of vinyasa yoga + strength. Burpee's, Lunges, Squats, Push Ups, etc all done in a heated room. Kick ass workout. Feel amazing.

Clean Eating

 A look at some clean eats from the last few days...

Veggie Scramble + Red RiceScramble:
2 EB Eggs, Spinach, onion, mushroom & goat cheese. Loving this red rice. New addition to my life :)

Gala Apple + Golden Raisins + Coconut Oil + Pumpkin Pie Spice Oatmeal

Brown Rice + Toasted Pine Nuts & Gala Apple
This was my pre boxing power snack. Cayenne pepper sprinkled in my rice gave me incredible energy during my workout.

Fuji Apple, Raw Pecans, Goji Berries & Prunes
Totally random snack plate to hold me over until heading out to dinner...

Today's aprรจs yoga lunch...
Kale Salad | Scallop + Arugala Salad | Peppermint Tea (w/ lemon) Tried out this new Scallop Salad which was good, but a little too heavy handed on the olive oil/dressing. I prefer to actually taste the food, not the dressing.

Thursday night was dinner with one of my best gals at Basil to satisfy our Thai taste buds -- mmmm!! One of my favorite cuisines. Winded up ordering a second round of both the Chicken Satay and Basil Rolls apps which left us both pretty full and I ordered a (giant) bowl of Tom Yum soup with loads of veggies & shrimp. So good.

Cute outfit to work on Friday -- rocking my LA Dodgers Tee!

2 cute/funny/inspirational posters to share with you all. One from my sis and another from one of my gf's.

Happy Saturday Night!! I'm checkin' out Tupelo Honey Cafe this evening -- will let ya know what I think of the place!

Much Love,