Beautiful Budapest


I cannot tell you how delighted I am that I had the chance to experience Budapest while traveling last week. As much as I loved & enjoyed London, if asked which city I liked best -- Budapest would be no doubt be my answer. It reminded me so much of Austria, which is near and dear to my heart -- my dad was born & raised in Austria and I'm so lucky to have spent many summers & holidays there throughout my life! Budapest gives you that warm, inviting, untouched Old World Europe feeling. Really its a feeling that I can't even put into words,  just something that makes me incredibly heart & soul happy.

Saturday was my one full day in Budapest before hopping over to London. We spent the entire day absolutely frozen walking around the city and hiking up the Citadella. I had no idea how frozen I was until we paid 1€ to use the toilette - pulled down my jeans to feel my legs & tush were completely frozen, numb & tingly. haha

Here are just a few of the couple hundred photos I took from my time in Budapest! Enjoy! xx


Glühwein (Hot Wine) 
his stuff is the quintessential European winter treat.

Salmon Roses Salad - so pretty & so delish!

Hungarian National Gallery

This painting was so strikingly beautiful