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Hey there! Mid week check in to fill you dolls in on what I've been munchin' on + workouts over the last 2 days...which isn't anything crazy, really.As I mentioned in Monday's post, I'm adjusting to writing (and sitting) more and more these days. I've been waking up and knocking out my workouts (cardio mainly) in the morning vs. midi which has been really fantastic! Its a pretty awesome feeling to know that I can work all day and my workout has already been done, rather than taking that chunk of time out of my afternoon and having to stop what I'm doing.

Lots of clean eating inspiration here. I've naturally slipped into a pretty low/no carbs for the last 10 days or so and feeling really amazing. I love to experiment with my nutrition & workouts to see how it changes my body - its just part of the fun of this fit life! Side Note: Once s/s hits, my appetite takes quite a shift to the lighter side. I tend to not crave big bowls of cozy oatmeal or many other carbs at all, really, that you naturally want during the colder weather months.  I'm completely satisfied with loads of fresh & dried fruits, raw nuts, veggies, green smoothies (always!) & lean proteins. I consider myself a modern day hunter & gatherer, actually! lol

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Clean Eats...

Tuesday's smoothie was brimming with superfoods & antioxidants...
organic, frozen mixed berries | banana | spirulina | maca | goij's
| acai
| cinnamon | raw cacao | almond milk, water & ice
stocked up on some of my favorite Suja juices while they are on sale at WF this German mustard from Aldi is fantastisch. Mustard is pretty much the only condiment I eat and this particular kind ist sehr gut!!

this smoothie was unreal - tasted like frozen yogurt, seriously tho! I'll be posting the recipe on Sunday so be sure to check back in.

on the go chicken salad from where!? Rush Espresso. Duh!

you'd think I'd get sick of eating this but its THAT yummy. Plus, it takes the guesswork out of "what am I going to eat"? If you think about how much time goes into thinking about what your going to make for dinner or what am I going to eat, having your meals planned ahead makes life a whole lot easier + your more inclined to not eat crap simply out of convenience, no?


Tues: 30 minutes fasted cardio + 1 hour hot yoga
Weds: 60 minutes fasted cardio - 30 min power, incline walk/30 min stairmaster

Like I said, nothing crazy but what I'm enjoying at the moment and what feels good & right for my body, right now.

Hoping your week is going well! Excited for lots of fun plans for the rest of the week!!

Much Love,