Clean Eating On The Go...

Hey Heyyyy. Happy Wednesday! Hope your week has been lovely so far...Mine has been alllll good. Lots of running about the last couple days between sessions and errands, which means quite a few meals on the go. 2 hours wasted sitting at the Cadillac dealership waiting on my car this afternoon - oil change + inspection -- Fun stuff. (thank God for technology) Had the best yoga practice last night at Enlighten Yoga. I haven't been practicing as much lately and it just felt SO good to sweat, flow thru the postures & stretch out my limbs. I left the studio feeling happy, calm & lighthearted, slept great and woke up feeling so energized this morning.

Now let's get you caught up on what I've been eating throughout the last couple days....

Tuesday Eats

Gala Apple + Currants + Mulberry Berries Oatmeal
This was the first time I've added my Mulberry Berries to my oats and I totally loved it. The Mulberries added a delightful sweetness & crunchy texture to my oatmeal. I tossed them in the pot for the last few minutes to soften & bring out their natural sweetness. Lunch at Whole Foods... Box of Kale Super Foods Salad + Carrots, Beets & few slices of Mango. And a grilled chicken breast with tomatoes & capers. Ate a few slices with my salad and saved the rest for later..

Dinner was this arugala, tomato, cucumber, onion & a new found love -- Celery Root!
I sprinkled some nutritional yeast on top after I snapped this pic ( it just doesn't look as pretty afterwards)

Vasisthasana - Side Plank Pose (back bend variation)

Wednesday Eats

Woke up starving this morning. Coffee, 2 Eggs scrambled up in coconut oil & blackberries followed by a kale green smoothie about an hour later....

4 large Kale Leaves | Hemp Seeds | Banana | Lemon | Pineapple & Papaya | Water &  Ice

Dropped into D&D about noon...
Brussels & Shallots | Chicken & Grape Salad | Broccolini & Roasted Tomatoes

Late afternoon Almond Milk Latte & Chicken Salad + Fruit at Rush Espresso.

New Wheat & Gluten Free snack. Just found these babies at Earth Fare over the weekend. Delicious with hummus.

More Lentil Soup for dinner tonight. Could eat this everyday.