Decluttered & Recharged

Declutter & Recharge

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday loves! This week is off to a great start! I can't tell you how rested and recharged I feel after taking it a little easier with my workouts last week and not obsessing over eating so perfectly. I've gotten some really good sleep over the last few nights, too. Although still staying up later than I would like, I'm sleeping much better and solid throughout the night in my new place. I attribute this to all the purging of so many old things that have done nothing but create clutter for yeaaaars! Throughout the whole process of my move, I have come to the conclusion that I have a legitimate problem of saving everything. I am not kidding. Shopping bags, clothes &  shoes I NEVER wear, bags I never carry, receipts dating back to 2010. I even found movie stubs from going to the movies with my High School boyfriend. I said, a problem. I do have to say that all of my Lulu shopping bags really came in handy, I filled those babies up with all kinds of stuff to help with the move.

On a serious note, getting rid of all of this unnecessary stuff  I've been holding onto has really been somewhat of a mental cleansing for me as well. Clutter in the home can create stress and negative energy on all levels - it has the power to drain you physically, mentally & emotionally. I am very much about my surroundings and love to have everything beautifully done, neat & clean. My closet has been a disaster area and has drove me crazy for so long and it feels ahhh-mazing to have all this new found space!

Also, this has given me the opportunity to donate a ton of stuff in different ways. I created 3 piles...

One, well a few piles, went to Goodwill. I donate to Goodwill here & there throughout the year. With the holidays right around the corner, this could not be a better time of year to get rid of things that no longer serve you and donate to those who are less fortunate than us. Consignment, I sell my higher priced pieces to J.T. Posh on Park Rd. I've done really well here and definitely recommend it! And last, I paid it forward to one of my girlfriend Kacy's, little daughter who's been dying for some LuluLemon. Last Saturday morning in yoga, Kacy asked me if I had any old Lulu that I don't wear anymore and I replied, of course! I brought her an awesome selection of Lulu, some scarves that I outgrew but never got rid of and some other cute things that I never wear anymore. This was so fun & rewarding to see the smile on her face when I was showing her everything I brought to her.

If you've been holding on to old stuff, I seriously recommend taking the time to go through your things and purging! Its kind of awesome.

Now here's a look at what I've been eating so far this week...

Monday Clean Eats

Love Grace Longevity Tonic +  scrambled eggs.

Mango & Banana Green Smoothie

Beans & Greens! 
Monday night was a big, cozy bowl of bean soup. Kidney Beans, with spinach. I added brown rice & some cheese. Delish! I can't get enough of soup in the f/w months.

I got in a late cardio sesh at the Y. I've barely done any cardio for nearly 2 weeks and was really feeling like I needed it. I thought better than to lift because I had a boxing session scheduled for Tuesday. 50 minutes of cardio bouncing around from Intervals on the Treadmill, The Stair Master & Pre core AMT.

Tuesday Clean Eats

Banana & Goji Berry Oatmeal.
SO good with cinnamon & coconut oil.

Egg Salad.
I think I could eat egg salad every day. Has always been one of my faves. Ate this with a few flaxseed crackers.

My Tuesday night routine. I typically have about an hour & half between my last client & teaching yoga on Tuesday nights so I camp out at Whole Foods to eat, make my playlist and catch up on any emails or other work from the day. Standard box of greens & veggies & a cup of hot tea.

Allegro Everyday Amazing Tea.
Drink this to be extra amazing ;)

Tuesday workout was an hour boxing sesh that totally kicked my ass! Shadow Boxing, Mitt Work & Drills punching with 5 & 3 lb weights. All done for 3 minute rounds with 30 seconds rest in between.

Happy Hump Daaaaay!

Much love,