February 14

Hi Hi! Hope everyone had a  super sweet Valentine's Day. As I wrote yesterday, I spent the evening celebrating with my family for both the holiday and my niece's 5th birthday -- a very special day, no doubt! Yesterday's weather was absolutely gorgeous. So sunny & crystal clear, blue skies. I spent my day training a couple clients, running errands and birthday shopping for my little princess. Fun!

Pre Celebration Eats looked like this...

3 Egg Whites & Avocado + Plain Oatmeal

Between sessions snack...so this does not look too appetizing but tasted SO good! Pretty much the same exact ingredients I threw together and blended earlier in the week, just not blended. Strawberries, Goji Berries, Cacao Nibs, TSPN Chia Seeds & Almond Milk

Cabbage, Arugala & Grilled Chicken
Running around Blakeney & starving, I decided to pop into Gréco Fresh Grille. I've passed this place a million times and have never gone in. After eating this salad, I wish I had gone in sooner. This salad was so good & fresh. Dressing was simply olive oil, lemon juice & tiny bit of S&P.
Sweet Side Note: The owner was in, struck up a conversation with me. The loveliest Greek man, assumed I was Greek (this happens often) told me all about the Greek Island he is from, the recipes are his mother's and such...any way, long story short. I love the place, will be returning and I love the fact that its a family biz, because I love to support small, local businesses. :)) If you  live in the Ballantyne/South CLT area I highly rec this place to get a good & healthy meal on the go.

Valentine's Fun...

Prosecco Toast :)

Birthday Princess

How cute is this bag!? I stuffed it full of adorable clothes, a new barbie, headbands, hair ties and this adorable ladybug ring.

Family <3

protein party followed by a chocolate cake party.
Surf & Turf dinner with broccoli & asparagus. I do eat red meat, but not often. I chose to eat chicken while the rest of the fam ate filets.

Mom made this crazy good chocolate cake with a Nutella center...OMG. I had two slices. yep.

Valentines Gifts.
I got chocolates & these lovely white tea's. I bought the family BKR bottles. If you haven't heard of these, they are the latest in must have glass water bottles. I've had mine for about a month now and totally love it.

Seriously tho, this was the best Valentine's Day ever. Much Love,