FitSpo Friday - Booty Booty Booty

Hiya & Happy Friday everyone!

Booty, Booty, Booty... that is what we are workin' today!! whoop whoop

Each round starts with a nice climb up 25 floors on the StairMaster - this really gets you sweatin' & your heart pumpin'!! I wore my ankle weights on the StairMaster and let me tell you, this really ups the ante!
Moving thru your 4 rounds you'll do a different booty exercise for 1 minute on each leg and alternate between your reverse & front lunges. The combination of these smaller, targeted moves + lunges make for a well rounded (pun intended) booty & leg workout :) Push Ups on the BOSU + Side Planks add in some killer chest & core strengthening.
Have fun & lmk if you have questions about any of the moves! xx

Spinal Balance Glute Kickback 
A little yoga tossed into the mix... raising your opposite arm adds in both core & shoulder stability while working the glutes. Good stuff.

 Leg Raises

Organic Girl Power Greens | Banana | Vanilla Protein | Cinnamon | Water & Ice

pre workout snack
Large Granny Smith Apple | Hard Boiled Egg w/ Cayenne

post workout shake whipped up my Strawberry Banana PB & J Smoothie plus I added a scoop of vanilla protein. delicious!!