Food & Fitness: 9.8.14 - 9.14.14

Happy Monday Fit Babes! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and ready to take on a new week of healthy, happy, active goodness! 

With 4 practices, last week was a yoga-full week, for sure! Over the last month, I've been all Pilates, Pilates, Pilates between my teacher training and trying to learn as much as I can about this incredible method of movement. With that being said, my yoga practice has taken a bit of a backseat as I can only fit so much in each day/week. 4 practices last week simply felt...good. The beautiful dance between breath and movement. β™‘

Last weeks workouts looked like this...

- Monday:
60 minutes, power Pilates 
25 minutes, treadmill: 5 min Warm Up, 1 min run/1 min recover

- Tuesday: awesome workout at the Y..felt so good!
Pilates Mat Work: Core, Legs, Booty
Upper body circuit: shoulders (rear delts), chest & triceps
30 minutes cardio: 15, treadmill. 15, Precore AMT

- Wednesday:
Easy 1.5 mile jog
60 minutes, hot yoga

- Thursday: Active Rest Day
25 minutes, power walk
Lots of foam rolling & stretching 

- Friday: 
Pilates Mat Exercises: core, legs & booty.
60 minutes, hot yoga

- Saturday:
90 minutes, hot yoga fusion

- Sunday:
90 minutes, hot yoga
about 3 mile walk....
The weather was so amazing on Sunday. Temps finally dropped, humidity went away. perfect weather for a little Sunday evening stroll :)

A few yummy, clean eats from last week...

yummy brekkie at Little Spoon
Eggs & Quinoa Tacos

I think you all know of my love for Apple & Almond Butter by now :)
First time trying out Justin's Almond Butter and its pretty amazing.