Food, Fitness & Intuitive Movement

Hiya & Happy Monday, loves! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Sharing that weekly flow with hopes of motivating and inspiring you to eat healthily, get up, get moving & be active. Take advantage of these last few weeks of beautiful, temperate, fall days before the cold is upon us.

As you can tell, from the last 2 weeks of Food & Fitness Posts, I'm no doubt going thru a phase where my body & mind seem to be craving more yoga. I just love the natural rythm of movement that I always seem to intuitively fall into without even realizing it until I'm actually in the midst of it. Perhaps its the change of season & cooler weather or maybe I unknowingly burnt myself out on intense cardio & strength training sessions throughout the summer -- whatever it may be, I'm honoring my body, enjoying a slower pace & simply doing what feels...good. :)

This natural ebb & flow helps to:
- keep my body guessing & prevent plateaus 
- prevent injury
- keeps my workouts fresh & fun 
- keeps me from from getting burnt out both physically & mentally

Noteworthy: I have to take a moment to say... 
Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition. And....consistency. These 2 things, are without a doubt key if you expect to actually see any true changes in your physique. It sucks, I know, I'm sorry. But its so worth it! I promise! ;) Not only do you look great but even better, you feel ahhhh-mazing when you fuel your body & mind healthy, wholesome, nourishing foods! 
The fact that I eat as clean as I do, allows me to get away with going thru these periods of time where I'm taking it a bit easier.

My Week In Movement....

Sunday: 11.2

- 90 minutes, hot  yoga
Monday: 11.3
- rest & mobiltity - foam rolling + The Stick & Stretching 
Tuesday: 11.4
- Pilates Mat Work: Core, Legs & Booty
Wednesday: 11. 5
- Morning:
- Full Body Circuit:
Chest (Cable Flys) Triceps, Biceps (balancing) Single Leg Dead Lifts & Squats
- Afternoon: 30 minutes cardio:
- Warm Up: 5 minutes, walk: Speed: 4.0/Incline: 5.0
- 25 minutes: 1 minute sprint/1 min recover
Thursday: 11.6 (semi-active rest day)
- Pilates Mat Work: Core, Legs & Booty
- 2 miles, outdoor walk 
Friday: 11.7
- 60 minutes, hot yoga
Saturday: 11.8
- 90 minutes, hot yoga fusion 
- such an awesome class, heavy on legs & plyos (think: jump squats & jumping lunges) 
Sunday: 11.9 
- 60 minutes, hot yoga

Clean Eats 

Speaking of listening to your body...I don't remember the last time I ate so much red meat in a week but after eating very little meat over the last couple weeks my body was seriously craving some stick-to-your-bones, red meat ... so I just went with it and its was so good, satisfying & energizing. 

Almond Butter + Banana Toast on Gluten-Free Millet-Chia Bread 

picked up 2 grass-feed petite fillets for dinner last Monday night...I don't know why but I was just craving red meat and this filet was SO good!
With visions of Steak & Eggs in the morning, dancing in my head, I saved some of my filet so I could eat this......

How lucky am I, that my sweet babe made me this beautiful brekkie before I was off to work Tuesday morning.. 
Filet & Eggs with roasted sweet potato, bit of sautéed spinach + tomato slices. 

Greens & Eggie + leftover Kofta Kebab from Mediterranean dinner Tuesday night. SO good!

to go/in between client eats..

tomato, onion, cucumber & cauliflower salad with roasted turkey breast 

Sunday Dinner with the parents (again) ...
Beef Stew with loads of mushrooms, carrots & onions in a mushroom broth. So rich & tasty. 
Of course, there was salad to go along with this meal. And 2 glasses of wine.