For The Love of Mason Jars

For The Love of Mason Jars

Hey Hey Loves!! Hope you guys had an awesome day! It was a Happy Monday for me, no doubt. I can finally say "I'm back" (to myself) today! Ahhh :) First day off of antibiotics (in 10), slept a ton over the weekend, finally got a hold of myself and cut out ALL holiday food - back to no gluten, dairy and most of all sweets! I'm not used to having all that crap in my system -- between a sinus infection, antibiotics + all the holiday goodies, I've been walking around like a zombie for about 2 weeks. Not kidding. It really makes me appreciate this healthy body & mind I have been blessed with -- 100% not to be taken for granted.

Any way, now on to sharing my day...

Brek was the same kale green smoothie I've been blending up for the last several days. Threw it in a Mason Jar (my current obsession) to take with. Midi Snacks: 2 Apples + Mix of Raw Almonds, Blackberries, Mullberry & Goji Berries.


Quick run home in between clients to eat!

Heated up some Pea Soup & added some Cayenne for an extra kick. Yum!

Plus 2 Eggs (1 White/1 Whole) and made some Green Tea.

Sweet Words from a Yogi Tea sweet nothings like this.
"Empty Yourself and let the universe fill you" 
"Grace brings love & prosperity"

Threw just a few ice cubes in my tea to cool it enough to put in this mason jar to take along. This big guy has become my water bottle around the house. Its a nice change from plastic, even though I only drink out of BPA Free Bottles (if I can help it)

Clean Eats

Back on that grind.
Super clean eats over here. Thank you Harris Teeter for the rotisserie chicken.

And my little Mason Jar family would not be complete without these little babies. (told you I was obsessed) I picked all these jars up from the Container Store. Aren't they the cutest!? Perfect use for storing my loose leaf teas from Teavana. I picked up these two, skin loving, white teas - Youthberry and Strawberry Cream over the Christmas holiday. The strawberry cream seriously smells just like those pink & white swirly, strawberry creme candies. Delish!


Today's workout was ahhhhmazing!!

Treadmill HIIT
Treadmill HIIT

60 Minutes of Treadmill HIIT + a small upper body circuit of shoulders, chest & tri's.

Treadmill Work:
- Warm Up: 0- 10 minutes: Incline 5.0/Speed:4.0
- 10-20 minutes: 60 sec run/2 min recovery: 6 - 6.5
- 20-30 minutes: 45 sec run/1 min recovery: 7-7.5-8.0
- 30-35 minutes: Walk: Incline: 15/Speed: 4.0
- 35-40 minutes: 3 minute walk (4.0) / 2 minute run (6.5)
- 40-45 minutes: Walk: Incline: 15/Speed: 4.0
- 45-48 minutes: Incline Run: 1 min @ Incline: 6/Speed: 5.5, 1 min @ Incline: 4/Speed: 6.0, 1 minute @ Incline: 2/Speed: 6.5
- 48-55 minutes: Walk @ 4.0
- 55-60 minutes: 30 sec sprint/30 sec recover @ 8.0

Upper Body Circuit:
- Triceps Pushdowns: 15 x 3
- BB Flat Bench Press: 30 x 3
- Reverse "T" Fly: 20 x 3 (thumbs pointing down, palms facing thighs)
* Great to get your rear delts firing.

This workout left me feeling like this... :)))

Signing off -- G'night & so much love..