Friday Fun

G'Morning & Happy Saturday! Filling you in on my Friday...Busy day of work, my first good gym sesh in about 2 weeks and a fun, low-key night with friends.

Clean Eats

Brek: Scrambled Eggs (2:1 Egg Whites/Whole Egg) + Roasted Carrots

Afternoon bird food between clients:
Clementine, Banana & mix of raw pepitas, raw cashews, Goji & Mulberry Berries

Pre Workout Meal....

Spirulina, Almond Milk, Ground Flaxseed, Frozen Mixed Berries + Banana.
So yummy.

Sexy Backside Workout

- StairMaster: 30 minutes (level 10-12)

- Side Lying Leg Raises: 20 reps x 3 (each side with resistance band around lower legs)  
- BOSU Ball: Unilateral, Glute/Ham Raise: 15 x 3
- Bent Over, Reverse Flys: 20 x 3
- Supermans: 20 x 3
- Side Planks: 30 seconds x 3 (each side)

Home to shower up after my workout and head over to my friend Adam's for a low key night of cooking in and catching up with friends.

Laid Back Style

Cute & low key outfit for the night. Jeans, boots + my new embellished Tee I picked up on sale at Madewell.

Madewell Embellished Tee

Outfit would not be complete without a scarf, of course. Picked up this new baby in NYC a couple weekends ago. Love the colors and the material is so soft & cozy.

Delicious dinner with friends...

Happy Weekend loves! xx