Ginger Pear & Banana Green Smoothie

Hello my Green Beauties! 
I have some new Green Goodness for you using one of my all-time fave fruits - Pears! #YUM Pears are so juicy & super scrumptious + loaded with so many health & beauty boosting benefits! Once they are ripened, I like to put my pears in the fridge, (some fruits just taste even more amazing when eaten cold) slice it up & sprinkle a little cinnamon on top for a lite & healthy snack! I seem to  always go thru these phases & over the last couple weeks, I've been lovin' on some Pears over here! Naturally, I decided to toss one into the blender, creating this fabulous Ginger Pear & Banana Green Smoothie.

Pears are loaded with fiber to make for healthy, happy digestion, stabilize blood sugars and,  news to me, are considered to be a hypoallergenic fruit, making them safe for anyone to eat! In the beauty department, Pears are low in calories & rich in free radical fighting antioxidants & Vitamins C & A + Minerals like Magnesium, Copper, Iron & Potassium. The ginger + pear combo in this green blend packs a punch against inflammation in your body + gives your immune system a healthy boost, overall. 

What I Used:
- 2 handfuls, organic spinach
- 1 super ripe banana
- 1 super ripe, sweet & juicy pear
- 1 inch chunk, organic ginger (washed, peeled)
- couple dashes, cinnamon
- 1 cup, unsweetened vanilla almond milk 

Blend. Drink. Nourish. 

Much Love, Health & Beauty,