Greens, Fruits & Supps

Hello loves! Hoping your week is going so well. Stopping in to share some of this weeks healthy purchases...Since Sunday was Father's Day, and I spent the entire day with the fam, I did't get to do my usual Sunday shopping to stock up on all my healthy goodies.

Popped into Trader Joe's yesterday to load up on my must-have greens & fave fruits!

When shopping at TJ, these are my go-to greens. Power to the Greens is pretty much reserved for smoothie making, Spinach & Arugala for omelettes and salads! #eatyourgreens ;)

Bananas | Apples | Pineapple | Papaya | Tuscan Cantaloupe

How cute is this Tuscan Cantalope?! I couldn't resist him! Wondering if it tastes any different from your standard melon? :)

And then a quick stop into Earth Fare after work this afternoon for this stuff...

5/$5 Organic Lemons 1. Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea I LOVE this tea. Light & refreshing blueberry flavor + loaded with other natural herbs to help with health & weight loss. 2. Liquid Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium & D3 3. Loose Leaf Lemongrass Tea 4. Ultima (read my post on this awesome electrolyte powder, here) 5. Borage Oil

I was in the mood for a cleansing, green juice. First time trying the Kale Lemonade - so SO good. Calls for Kale, Lemon, Apple & Ginger -- I decided to add in carrot which made for this lovely pea soup color!

LS FitTips

- Pineapple:  loaded with Bromelain which is said to help with inflammation & post workout muscle soreness.
- Papaya: contains natural digestive enzymes
- Lemons: I can't seem to keep them in the house
~ My 3 fave ways to use lemons: smoothies, salads & warm (not hot) water with lemon + cayenne pepper
- Green Tea - Blueberry Slim Life: proven to help boost metabolism & increase energy. I sip on this throughout the day...
- Liquid Magnesium Supplement:  This is my first time trying 1) liquid magnesium. 2) Magnesium combined with other vitamins & minerals vs. Mg alone. Liquid supplements are said to be better absorbed by the body & this particular combination is supposed to work together to enhance that absorption. Magnesium helps you poop, keeps your bones strong & healthy, lowers blood pressure + an anti-inflammatory, to name a few...
- Lemongrass Tea: I brew this cleansing, calming, super healthy tea 2-3x per week, before bed. Borage OilOmega-6 (GLA) essential for healthy, beautiful skin, hair & nails

You Are What You Eat.
Eat for beauty. Eat for Health.
Nourish & Fuel your precious body with fresh, unprocessed foods that make you healthy, happy & beautiful from the inside out. Summer is a time to thrive!! Take advantage of this incredibly motivating time of year...get outside, be active & eat up all the lovely fruits & veggies that are in season this time of year.

So much love,