Happy First Day of May

Hello lovelies.
Wishing everyone a very happy first day of May. I just can't get enough of this time of year...there is just something in the air that makes me smile-to-myself happy. All the trees & flowers are happily blooming.

Long, warm & sunny days turn into fun nights out with friends - gal pals, cocktails and patios!? ohhh yes. :) Goodbye layers and hello warm weather, easy breezy style - sandals, white jeans, flowy skirts & dresses, bikinis, bright colors (well, I wear these even in winter) all worn with the ultimate accessory - glowy, sun-kissed skin! And of course, all this brings inspiration to look & feel your best - if there's ever a time to feel รผber motivated -  it is now! Take advantage of the positive shift in your mindset that naturally occurs during this beautiful, flourishing time of year.


Some happy, healthy, beautiful lifestyle inspiration for you! xx

laid back & ultra cool outdoor living spaces How amazing is this hanging chair!?

healthy & refreshing s/s cocktails & eats

I'm loving all the beautiful, femme floral prints for the season <3

What makes you happiest this time of year?