Happy, Healthy Food

 GM & Happy Friday!
Hope everyone has been having an awesome week!Poppin' in to share some eats from the last couple days and apparently, I'm having somewhat of a love affair with food. I've really started to enjoy photographing food --  Beautiful, Fresh, WHOLE FOODS :)) So many gorgeous, vibrant colors of greens, reds, orange, yellow. These beauties nourish our bodies and make us happy & healthy from the inside out! I think you guys know by now that I truly believe, wholeheartedly - you are what you eat. We are coming into the s/s season where we have access to the most wonderful, fresh fruits & vegetables. Supermarkets will be stocking their shelves and even better, Farmers Markets! Its so fun to get to the market and pick out super fresh, organic & local fruits & veggies to eat throughout the week - and added bonus, your supporting your community in doing this! If your still eating processed, canned, frozen or the worst - Fast Food! :(( there's no better time to start enjoying fresh, whole foods!

Much love, xx

PB & Banana Oatmeal | Hard Boiled Egg

between sessions snack I was absolutely starving on Wednesday. I pretty much ate dinner for lunch. (leftovers) Cabbage & Spinach Salad Pot Roast w/ Potato & Carrots Simply Steamed Sweet Potatoes aaaaand after steaming up all those sweet potatoes, I decided to fool around with the blender... there's 1/2 a sweet potato in this smoothie and it was dee-lish! cozy bowl of chili for din

Thursday Eats

Sautรฉed this beautiful, organic, Tuscan Kale kind of a half steam/half sautรฉ. I needed to cook all of this because I almost forgot I had it. I used a very small amount of water, olive oil, sea salt & bit of cayenne pepper.

Sauteed Kale | Egg Whites (3) | Grape Tomatoes

a little Publix shopping
Grape Tomatoes | Organic Girl Power Greens | Bananas (lots of 'em!) | Granny Smith Apples

luscious, naturally sweet strawberries Publix has had them on sale - 4 for $5