Hump Daaaaaay!!

Happy Hump Day loves!Hope you had a great day and your week is going well! It just wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention the weather... AMAZING! uhmm, can we say 85 degrees!? oh yessss....Love, Love, LOVE.

Today was kinda all fun and games. I worked a little bit, ran a couple errands, had a blast with my friend & yoga teacher Adam, broke out the bikini to soak up some sun and I'm getting ready to catch an 830pm yoga class. So I called my friend Adam a few weeks ago to see if he'd be interested in doing a trade - work with me on my inversions & arm balances and I would personal train him. I'll tell ya, one thing I love about the business I'm in is the bartering. So much fun! We of course worked outside because the weather was too beautiful to stay in - I worked on arm balances, head stand & handstand variations for an hour straight. Whew...this is exhausting & a blast all at the same time. I hurt my neck in a posture which requires you to lean your head back and balance on the crown of your head in yoga teacher training. So that plus, I have some chronic neck & shoulder issues that have caused me to shy away from many of these more challenging poses. BUT! I have made the decision to face my fears and in just two weeks I've made tremendous progress.

 and a close up :) how great is this guy!? I saw him roaming around Earth Fare and I just had to take a photo with him. haha EF goodies

Clean Eating anyone?

Golden Delicious Apple | Goat Cheese Brie | Drizzle of Organic Maple Syrup
Healthy Springtime dessert

Today is Day 2 of the #yogatothecore Challenge.

Inhale to lengthen & extend, exhale to tuck into the tightest little ball, lifting up thru your belly. This exercise seems so simple but it is a seriously effective core exercise- when done correctly. Move slowly with your breath and  with integrity. My clients hate this exercise - especially the guys - they just want to fly thru this.

Time to get my yoga on :))
Much Love - LS