I See London...

Ello loves!! Having an incredible time here in Londontown. Yesterday was hours and hours of walking, sightseeing & museums. St. Paul's Cathedral was by far the highlight of my day -- one of the most stunning cathedrals I've had the chance to experience. I think I enjoyed it even more than Notre Dame last year in Paris. Climbed nearly 700 fun-spiral-staircase & narrow-passageway-steps to the very top to find spectacular 360° views of London -- so amazing. Here's a few photos from my trip so far. Will be posting tons more when I return. Enjoy!! :) xx

Much Love, 

China Town

Like an addict -- I needed some Green Juice in my life!!

Climbing to the top...

Trying to not get blown away..

Squeezed in a quick gym sesh...felt so good!