Lemony Carrot + Celery Detox Salad

So, I'm really really crushin' on (or should I say crunchin' on... Haha. #nerd) carrots & celery at the moment! I tend to go thru these phases and its safe to say that I'm in a full on carrots & celery phase, adding these 2 health & beauty boosters to as many meals as I can. 
Last week, I decided to combine the two, mixing in some detoxing dill, making this beautiful, vibrant, crunchy salad!
Other than a lot of peeling & chopping, this salad is just too easy not to make and full of so many health & beauty benefits. Start adding carrots & celery to your life on the reg for these happy, healthy, beauty benefits:

full of healthy sodium & potassium to balance fluid levels 
- high water content + fiber for healthy digestion & hydration 
- natural diuretic to help flush toxins out of your body, helping to slim & debloat.
- known to have a calming effect due to a phytochemical by the name of coumarin.
- contains Silicon for healthy skin & hair
- anti-inflammatory
- rich in Vitamin C
- beta-carotene --> Vitamin A for better eye health + crystal clear, eyes & glowing skin
- good source of biotin for thick & healthy hair
- rich in Vitamin A & antioxidants for anti-aging, prevent wrinkles & promotes healthy, even skin tone
- anti-inflammatory
- high in fiber for healthy digestion 

What I Used:
- organic celery. cleaned & chopped. 
- organic carrots. cleaned, peeled, chopped. 
- dill. trader joes. Fresh dill is ideal, but I just used what I had in the house
- Feta Cheese. Crumble in separately 
* Use as many carrots & celery stalks as you like! I used about 8 of each. I wanted to make a big portion to have on hand to eat for a few days. :)

- 1 organic lemon. juiced
- organic avocado oil. 2 teaspoons
- sea salt. 2 pinches
- cayenne pepper. small pinch

carrots + celery + dill + lemon + avocado oil all mixed up