Life in Color

Hello Hi. Hope everyone had a fab day...Mine was pretty dazzling --  Spectacular weather, killller yoga fusion class this morning, yummy lunch at D&D, a little shopping and a beautiful family dinner tonight at The Palm to celebrate my sisters 35th birthday! Side Note: Wishing all you amazing gals a very Happy Women's Day! Yep, today was International Women's Day. Who knew!?

With today's spring like weather I broke out some of my brightest Loo -- life is just happier in bold, sunny colors! What's some of your favorite Spring colors!?

Green Smoothie #1

Crescent Lunge 
strengthens the legs & core all while stretching the hips. If you have the space/flexibility, you can find a backbend to make this a heart opener as well.

Aprรจs yoga hungry!
Greek Chicken Salad | Brussels Sprouts Salad | Green Tea + lotsa lemon

Green Smoothie #2 (plus a hard boiled egg)

Will be posting about dinner at The Palm + what I wore.

Much Love,