London Sights

First stop on my list of sights to see on my first day in London was the magnifique St. Paul's Cathedral. As long as I can remember, I've always had a deep love & fascination with European cathedral's.  I remember visiting cathedrals (and castles) while spending time in Austria & Germany as a little girl and always being is such awe of every. single. detail. Hand painted ceilings, stained-glass windows, sculptures, massive organs, paintings, all of unbelievably beautiful & amazing. The beauty is truly moving and makes me feel a range of emotions - smiles to myself, goosebumps, even tears. St. Paul's is by far one of the most gorgeous I've had the chance to experience. I spent over 2 hours lingering and then climbed to the very top to take in the 360 views of London.

How incredible are these ceilings!?

My fun climb to the top...

Finished up at St. Paul's, walked a bit until it started to rain. Totally on accident, I found the Somerset House which had the sweetest little café & bar connected to it -- Fernandez & Wells. This place had my name written all over it. If I lived in London, I'd no doubt be a regular here. Coffee's, tea, wine, tapas, meats, cheeses & pastries.

Out from the cold & warmed up with a glass of wine & noshed on this. Speck & bread drizzled with olive oil.

 Noms. beautiful citrus fruits

So I took in this exhibit -- Pandemonium, at Somerset House and well, some parts were cool and others were so crazy & over-my-head-out-there, I didn't really know what the heck to think. Any way, cool experience and I'm always down to see/try something new. Left Somerset House to make my way back towards Trafalgar Square.

My Address. haha

Completely loved Trafalgar Square.
Massive fountains, sculptures and The National Gallery. Free of charge and filled with so many beautiful art collections -- the Spanish & Italian Collections were my favorite.

Still going thru my hundreds of photos and have some more to share with you all! xx