morning health & beauty ritual: green smoothie x caudalie grape water toner

As we so-happily kiss the cold weather goodbye, warmer temperatures naturally have me craving happy & bright green smoothies nearly everyday and I couldn't be happier about this! 
Green Smoothies help cultivate that healthy glow from within that we are all after &  this lovely Caudlie Grape Water Toner that I recently got and have completely fallen in love with - this helps my face look (and feel) hydrated & vibrant on the outside!
I don't wash my face in the am - just simply rinse with cold water + spritz my face with this fabulous & refreshing grape water after I pat my face dry from rinsing. The polysaccharides in this mist help to seal in moisture and make my skin feel super healthy & hydrated! After it sinks in, I cover with my moisturizer and voilà - my skin looks & feels as fresh as a daisy! :) 

One of my fave green smoothie combos:
- spinach or power greens. 2 handfuls
- banana
- organic, frozen mango chunks. 1 cup
- cinnamon. couple dashes
- unsweetened, vanilla almond milk. 1 - 1/2 cups
- health & protein booster. hemp seeds. 2-3 tablespoons.