Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday afternoon, after a workout & a few errands, I packed myself up and headed to LKN to spend the weekend with my family to celebrate Mother's Day Weekend. My parents & I spent the night at my sisters so we could all wake up together on Sunday morning and have the entire day to celebrate the momma's.

Rewinding back to Saturday my mind, I was so pumped to get to the gym and workout but once I walked in, started doin' my thing, my body was kinda like "wth are you doing here!?" I moved thru a short circuit of glutes, hammies & core work and then moseyed on over to the treadmill where I leisurely walked for 20 minutes as I listened to French music, stared out the window and did some big time daydreaming. I typically rest on Thursday's which I didn't do last week and my body was just feeling pooped. Sooo, once I got to my sisters I snuggled up in bed with my niece & took a nap. I don't know what came over me...I never (ever) take naps but for some reason I was needing one, so I just went with it.

I woke up about 7pm and this little princess slept thru the night.

It was such a lovely night - yummy dinner, wine, music and family. <3

beautiful roses I picked up  for my mom & sis

simple, healthy din of steak, stuffed mushrooms & salad

my beautiful, amazing momma

sister love 

my niece's cute little cup ...prefect for a cocktail.


Mother's Day

Sunday/Mother's Day was pretty much perfect. I slept til 10am, coffee, brek, took a shower with my niece (I adore this). We have some pretty amazing conversations during our shower time. Once we were done, as I'm drying her off, she told me I forgot to "blow her boogers" haha hilarious. From here I did absolutely nothing but relax, soak up the sun and simply enjoy the day with the fam. Fruit & Superfoods Brek Bowl


these 2 goofballs

Back home for another tasty dinner...

baby back ribs, asparagus & more of the same salad

Hoping everyone's Mother's Day weekend was as lovely as mine! xx
Much Love,