Motivation Monday

Hello doll babes. Happy St. Patty's Day (if your actually Irish) and  otherwise, this holiday means absolutely nothing to me. Sorrry, definitely not an excuse to go out and get wasted all weekend or even worse, on a Monday. Nope.

Alright, here we are on this Monday, March 17th, just 3 short days away from the official first day of Spring, and....its effing 30 degrees and pouring rain outside!!  ugh..not cool. CLT needs to get its weather act together like, now. This little hiccup in the weather is not getting the best of my Spring Spirit tho.

OMG. I just love this quote. If only more people really understood the correlation between good health and H A P P I N E S S. I am such a broken record and drive my clients crazy about their nutrition -- You Are What You Eat. Your workouts will produce little to no change if your diet doesn't match up. I promise, the healthier you are the happier you will be!

haha My friend in NYC sent me this and I told him I was so stealing it and putting it on the blog. Hilarious.

I have the bomb Spin Workout for you guys today. I actually put myself thru this sweaty spin sesh yesterday and my legs & booty feel goooood today. :)) All these intervals made this 50 minutes feel like 10. I haven't ridden the bike in a while and I seriously enjoyed this workout. So fun!

LS FitTips:
- Take the few extra minutes to get yourself and your bike situated. Make sure you adjust the seat height & handlebars so your comfortable while riding. (as comfortable as a bike seat can be all shoved up between your legs. eeek!) The height of your seat should leave you able to fully extend your legs with just a soft/slight bend in your knees. You don't want to be 5-10 minutes into your workout and realize you need to make adjustments.
- Hands rest  lightly on the handlebars -- don't dump all your weight into your wrists, keep a soft/slight bend in the elbows and shoulders are relaxed down away from your ears.
- Maintain a flat back, long spine and a slight lift in the chest. Nobody wants to look all Hunchback of Notre Dame, ok? Ok. Do this by engaging your abs. Just because your sitting doesn't mean your not using your core. Even more importantly, contracting thru your abs protects your back.
- Out of the Seat: Girls (and guys) don't be afraid to really push back and stick that booty out! Act as if your going to actually sit back in the seat but hold that position and hover just above. Eliminate as much bee boppin' around and keep it all in the legs & tush. You'll hop off that bike a little higher & tighter ;)

Unconventional Monday for PT sessions and instead, I was in a work training from 9am-4pm.  While I enjoyed my training, let me tell you, sitting all day is for the birds. Its day's like these that make me so grateful that I get to do what I love and this absolutely involves NOT sitting on my ass in front of a computer screen all day.  No joke, around 2ish I excused myself to the bathroom and literally did squats, some walking lunges and high kicks. Pretty light eating with the anticipation of sitting all day....

Dandelion Greens | Banana | Papaya | 1/2 lemon, juiced | Fresh Ginger | Water & Ice
Side Note: I love adding papaya to my smoothies. It adds a thick, super smooth & creamy texture to the smoothie - similar to adding avocado. Yum! I also ate 2:1 eggs about 20 minutes after my smoothie. If time allows, I have really been trying to give a good 20-30 minutes between drinking my green smoothie and eating anything else. Our bodies absorb & take in more nutrients from the greens when consumed on an empty stomach. ;)

I brought an apple and mix of almonds/pepitas/goji berries with me. They served us a lunch of sandwiches & wraps, pasta salad & fresh fruit. I ate a double portion of fruit and put two wraps on my plate which I completed picked apart and ate the filling. One was chicken salad, the other was a really delicious veggie wrap -- arugala, asparagus, portobello mushroom, squash & zucchini.

Freezing cold outside all I wanted was this bowl of Lentil Soup. You know I love me some lentils.

I am off to my acting class in just a bit! I have a post in the works about how I'm loving this experience so far and I am so happy I committed to taking this class + a really fun short film I had the chance to work on over the weekend!

Much Love - xx