Motivation Monday

hello, hi! Happy Monday beauties! Hope your Monday was wonderful...dare I say this?? But I believe Spring is actually here -- eeek!!! Absolutely stunning Spring day here in CLT. Still started out a little chilly, in the 40's but warmed up to a delightful 76 -- I'll take this! I seriously cannot handle another day of cold weather, this has by far been the longest & coldest winter I have experienced here and it needs to be on its way out - for good!

First half of my day was pretty standard - work & workout. I was actually feeling pretty pooped late morning/early afternoon because I decided to have Sunday Funday yesterday. So much fun but was a total sleepyhead this morning. Any way, as soon as I got to the gym, warmed up, and popped my headphones my energy level was night & day.

Aprรจs gym... home to make a pretty bomb green smoothie + took a 10 minute time out to enjoy the incredible, sunny weather. I cannot tell you how happy I was to feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Pure bliss, seriously tho. This evening was spent frolicking around in a Peach Orchard doing yoga poses and taking pictures for Om Yoga Studio which is owned by my friend, Maria Lages.

HIIT Treadmill WOD:

This is a killer HIIT Treadmill Sesh!! My legs were smoked afterwards. I am so proud of myself for making the time to stay and stretch afterwards. I foam rolled + stretched for a solid 15 minutes.

These minutes will overlap give or take a few seconds when putting the incline up/down. If you need an extra 30-60 seconds of recovery after runs & sprints, please do take it. Remember to always, always listen to your body ...these are only suggested speeds/inclines.

here's my numbers from my workout... I went to almost 50 minutes because well, I'm ridiculously OCD and at 45 minutes I had burned 480 calories. Who on earth stops at 480 when 500 is just right around the corner!?

Monday Eats

PB & Nanna Oatmeal

3 egg whites | 1/2 sweet potato | raw almonds | lemongrass tea
in between clients & pre workout

power greens | vanilla protein | banana | dried apricots
| 1 lemon, juiced | cinnamon | water & ice

and another 1/2 sweet potato for some recovery carbs

kraut salat | pork roast + veggies
and yogi playtime in the peach orchard...

Warrior II

Peaceful Warrior

ah, and now acting class. Wishing you a restful Monday night.
xoxo LS