Motivation Monday: Fitness & Food: 10.5 - 10.12

Happy Monday, dolls! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Sharing what last weeks workouts looked like + a few clean eats. A pretty light week of workouts as my body was feeling out of whack after all my travel. 4 flights in 4 days is no fun and I was feeling it in my hips and low back. :( Hoping to hit it a little harder this week but something is still up with my left hip & glute. Eeeek. 
Hope everyone has a great day!! xx

hiiiiii :)

Sunday: 10.5
90 minutes, hot yoga

Monday: 10.6 
- 3 miles, on treadmill
- pilates mat work: abs, glutes, legs
- upper body, strength circuit

Tuesday: 10.7 
super fun outdoor/park workout with my babe
- about 2 miles, jog/walk
- 30 seconds of everything, 3 rounds: step ups, push ups, tricep dips, underhand pull ups, walking lunges. used park benches, railings, steps, etc... get creative & have fun! :)

Wednesday: 10.8 
- rest & mobility day
- stretching & foam rolling

Thursday: 10.9
- 3 miles on treadmill
- pilates mat work

Friday: 10.10
- easy outdoor walk/jog

Saturday: 10.11
60 minutes, hot yoga

Sunday: 10.12
- 60 minutes, hot yoga

A few clean eats...pretty repetitive, lots of chicken, eggs & salads. 

Blogging + Green Tea + my fave snack
This farmers market Fuji Apple was massive - I snacked on it for about 2 hours while working 

leftover salad with some broccoli thrown in + a hard boiled egg a few minutes after

ya know, more chicken. more salad. lol
tossed in some leftover roster carrots & brussels