Move It Monday

 Hey Hey Fit Babes!
Hope your Monday was fab :) It's 1105pm and I literally just rolled thru the door about 10 minutes ago from my acting class. I started this post earlier in the evening but just didn't get it finished in time to post before training my 7pm client and acting. Ahhh, so sorry. Better late than never, right!? report?? super soggy day here in CLT. Poured down rain all. damn. day. and it is still coming down. Hence, the motivational quote of the day... You guys know I like to joke about my weather related woes but all kidding true is this statement!? This doesn't just apply to the weather - it can be anything that may be dragging you down on any given day -- a person, a situation, anything -- having a positive, sunshiny mindset is more powerful than you may realize. You Are the Creator of Your Own happiness! I'm not gonna lie, I was feeling the rainy day blues a tad little bit today and the thought of skipping the gym might have crossed my mind, (like, for less than a second) but as always. ALWAYS. Once I was there I was flying around, moving thru my circuit like the happiest girl on earth. weeee :)

Sexy Back Workout

No video but snapped some photos to go along with this workout :)

Assisted Pullups
Neutral/Narrow Grip. I love these. Keep your elbows pointing forward, hugging them in tight as you pull yourself up. This not only works your back but biceps, triceps and even gets the chest workin' in this close grip! <3

Love this combo move + doing your dead lift on these stability disks really ups the ante. Lots of core stabilization going on here.

more work on the stability disk. Really gets the core involved in these kickbacks. I am just barely up on the fingertips of my opposite arm/hand. This forces your to engage your abdominal muscles even more.

I like to position myself against the wall to really get a good lift. Push heels/feet back into the wall, exhale to lift up contracting, well, everything along your entire backside -  squeeze the heck outta your tush, engage hamstrings & back muscles.

Clean Eats

rainy morning called for cozy oatmeal...
1/4 cup oats | 1 TBSN Chia Seeds | 1 TBSN Raw, Unsalted AB | bit of Unsweetened Coconut

midi snack.  I added some sunflower seeds + cayenne pepper to my brown rice.

really delicious post workout chunky monkey green smoothie.
Threw so much in the blender this smoothie was super filling & satisfying...

Drink Your Greens! ;)

That does it for me on this Monday. Time to shut it down and hopefully fall asleep soon.
Much Love - xx