omelette inspiration.

A little omelette inspiration for you guys this morning...Omelettes are one of my favorite meals. I'll eat them any day, anytime -- brek, lunch or din -- perfect combo of protein & veggies. Delicious, clean eats. Noms.

Helpful Tips:
1) Eggs: I used 2 whites, 1 whole
2) Turn on the broiler & make sure the rack is all the way at the top.
3) Peppers & Spinach in the pan first. (with olive oil)  Only a couple minutes, then pour in your eggs. A little pushing things around with the spatula, pull up the edges a bit & let the eggs cook almost all the way thru.
4) Turn off the burner. Sprinkle your Goat Cheese & Pepitas on top (staying towards the middle of your omelette)
5) Pop pan under the broiler, let goat cheese get all melty, peptias roast and voilร .
6) Enjoy! Eat your omelette open faced or fold it in half as I did.

Mangia! xo


Organic Baby Spinach | Roasted Red Peppers | Avocado | Herbed Goat Cheese | Raw Pepitas