Ralph Lauren Christmas

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas filled with peace, love & happiness -- surrounded by those who mean the most! I've had the loveliest Christmas holiday with my family -- peaceful, relaxing, enjoying time off from work and just simply enjoying this magical time of year. Feeling so grateful for all the love and positivity in my life. Yesterday did start business as usual, before all the indulging began...

Very cleansing Green Smoothie to help the cause...

Baby Kale Mix, Celery, Banana, Parsley, Cucumber, Lemon and decided to throw in some Hemp Seeds last minute for some extra protein & fiber.

2 Egg Whites+ Clementine

Headed to the gym shortly after...

Worked up a good sweat after some serious soccer-mom-power-walking for an entire hour! This was my 3rd workout in a week. Day 5 on antibiotics, starting to feel better but energy is still touch & go...I was so tempted to throw in a few intervals but thought better...

Post Workout Fruit Snack (and the last healthy thing to enter my  mouth for the day) :)
Pear, Clementine, Goji & Mulberry Berries + Cinnamon

Christmas Eve is our family tradition so the rest of the day was spent attending a beautiful Christmas Mass at St. Matt's, enjoyed a delicious spread of food, drinks & sweet treats, closing out the night opening gifts. My niece & nephew could barely contain themselves over the last few days and watching them open gifts is a gift in itself. Nothing like children at Christmastime.

Ralph Lauren

Totally loved my Christmas outfit! Paired my favorite RL plaid button down with a simple RL black Cashmere dress & belt. Completed my look with big red lips! So fun + festive!

My little nephew got me this GIANT pen! So funny & cute. Told me that he always sees me writing so he thought I could use this pen. Too freakin' adorable!

Over the last few years, we've shifted from a sit down dinner to a more casual buffet style spread, help yourself & gather around in the living room. This works so much better with my niece & nephew. Getting them to sit still for dinner at the table is pretty much impossible with all the Christmas excitement!

Christmas Eve

Mom's amazing Pâté...only comes out this time of year. So good!

Rice Balls + Baked Brie

Baked Brie filled with Fig Preserves & Pecans. OMG.

Christmas Morning

Lazy Christmas morning in my plaid (of course) jams.

Have a beautiful day! xx

So much love,