Saturday // 7.5.14

Hello, hi.
So sorry for the lack of updates on the blog....this week has been crazy busy and I seriously cannot believe its Thursday already. Even tho we are nearly approaching this weekend, I still want to write a note about last weekend, Saturday especially. It was just too good to not write about :)
Last week was pretty mellow as far as workouts went, as I've been having some issues with my low back - particularly my left side and the screaming tension & tightness made its way into my left hamstring, all the way down to my calf. Ouch. I found myself anxious, frustrated & in a mood to say the least, not being able to workout to the intensity that I like to.

Trying to not be a stubborn ass, I gave my body several days of TLC...
- stretching & foam rolling on my own
- chiro appt for some ART (active release) + Acupuncture & Dry Needling
- deep tissue massage - focused on lower body

With hurricane Arthur blowing thru the East Coast, the result was some really amazing thunderstorms last Thursday late afternoon & night. Side Note: I kinda love thunderstorms, especially at night.  Arthur came & went and along with him, he took away the heat + humidity for just a couple days which made for the most perfectly perfect 4th of July weekend!
Both Friday & Saturday were what I like to call Weather for the Soul kinda days... sunny, crystal clear skies, without the typical summer haze + a coolness to the breeze in the air, even a bit chilly in the shade. Glorious! Basically, CLT got to experience a weekend of what everyone on the West Coast gets to enjoy every damn day of their lives. Moving on...

After doing nothing for 2 days, I couldn't take it any more and needed to move my bones. I took the most beautiful walk followed by probably the best yoga class/practice I've had in along time. Since I hadn't worked out in a couple days -- no sprints, squats, lunges, etc... my hips & legs weren't their usual tight selves and I was able to gracefully flow thru the postures on my mat. I think I left class on a yoga high! #yogalove

A few photos, a vid & some tunes from my beautiful walk & day. Enjoy! xx


can't stop wearing these Nike Vintage Sweats. LOVE


Kale Lemonade from Earth Fare - so good after hot yoga :)