Saturday du jour

Hey there! Hope your weekend is off to a lovely start...

I finally removed myself from the house around 3pm this afternoon....totally got sucked into allll that is online -- emails, reading & researching, online shopping, back to reading & researching. Absolutely freezing and terribly gloomy outside, it was the perfect day to stay holed up inside. I seriously start to struggle this time of year -- forever a Florida, warm weather baby, I hate the winters, crave the sun and this drab weather really starts to get to me.
Just give me coffee, teas, soups and a blanket and I'll see ya in the spring! Ohkay...its not that bad (eh, kinda)... Seriously tho, had a productive online work day, made a couple smoothies, green tea, whipped up some quinoa to eat throughout the week & roasted the most adorable, Parisian Carrots in the process. Had an awesome leg workout at the Y and an Earth Fare run to stock up on a few necessities...Dandelion Greens! These will be in my Green Smoothie and up on the blog tomorrow.

Pear, Cinnamon + Currants

Green Smoothie


Parisian Carrots ร  la Trader Jacques' (uhmmm...I didn't even know there was a "Trader Jacques' " line. LOVE! Makes my European soul happy :)))

Roasted with olive oil, Sea Salt, Pepper & Herbes de Provence

Pre Workout Snack: 
Spirulina & Raw Protein Smoothie | Gala Apple + Almond Butter

Decided to try this Super Green Health Tonic and good Lord was this a bad idea!!! Awful. I could barely get this down...close to throwing up.  Didn't waste it. Never again. If you see this...stay away. (and this is coming from me) I usually drink/eat anything for health.

Post Workout Meal:
Quinoa with Sauteed Onion, Spinach, Carrots + Pine Nuts

Onions first, tossed in the spinach and threw in carrots &  pine nuts for just a minute before adding to quinoa.

Have a wonderful Saturday night! xx