Savory Oatmeal

Savory Oatmeal

Today's nasty, cold & rainy weather made this afternoon the perfect day to give my very first Savory vs. Sweet Oatmeal a go. I've been wanting to whip up a savory oatmeal for quite a while, but every time I throw those oats in a pot on the stove, they always turn into something sweet -- apples, bananas, goji berries, cinnamon, maple syrup, almond butter - all sweet, never savory. So, today was the day. And. Mmm!! I will be coming up with more savory combinations, for sure!  I enjoyed every. last. bite. of this delicious bowl of oats - super satisfying.
This was THE perfect post boxing recovery meal -- complex carbs from the oats, something green, 2 egg whites for your protein + topped it off with some toasted pine nuts for a little healthy fat...perfection in a bowl. I love me some brekkie anytime of day -- throw this together for a super healthy breakfast, lunch or dindin. Noms.

Eat Up! xx


Savory Oatmeal Ingredients

- 1/4 Cup Organic, Thick Rolled Oats - 1.5 (about) Cups Water - 1/4 Onion, chopped - 3 White Mushrooms,  chopped - Large Handful, Organic Spinach - 2 tspn Sun Dried Tomatoes - 2 Egg Whites - Pine Nuts (just sprinkle 'em in there) - Cayenne Pepper (optional - I love my food with a little kick...and so does my metabolism) ;)

Nothing fancy here & definitely not a "recipe" you need to follow -- add more/add less.  Hope this both inspires and shows you how simple is to eat clean & healthy. Just get in that kitchen, have fun and throw together ingredients that you like & enjoy!

Snapped a few photos along the way to show you guys how simple this is to throw together.