hello hi, loves. Hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend.I know its still freezing in parts of the country, but it is absolutely gorgeous here in CLT. Sunny & 71. My favorites trees, Cherry Blossoms, are in full bloom and I couldn't be happier for finally, finally some warmer weather! I had to take advantage of this weather and get outside...just got in from an hour long walk/run. Ahhh :))

Saturday was yoga fusion and then headed up to my sisters to spend the day with her, my BIL and the kids. We took an "adventure" thru the woods which I have to admit was pretty fun + some bouncin' around on the trampoline. cute stuff.

Bound Half Moon Pose
This is one of my favorite yoga poses...feels fabuleux on the hips!! I get more out of the pose when I take a bind vs staying in traditional half moon.

These two.
haha ya know, just doing their best yoga impersonation. my SydneyBug's hair is a hottt mess.