Supported Headstand.

April Yoga Challenge, Day 27: Supported Headstand Pike Up

This pose/exercise right here is a true testament that if you put in the time, have patience with yourself and commit to practice, practice, practice you will make progress and you will get stronger. Just one month ago, I could not lift my feet off the ground to pike up into this supported headstand. Now, I can lift and lower, lift and lower. I mean, its not the prettiest pike up but I'm getting there. My legs are still a bit wonky but I am so proud of the progress I've made with this.

Supported Headstand Pike-Up

forearms down, hands clasp gently to make a little nest for your head. Roll to the crown of your head and find the sweet spot to where you won't feel any compression in your neck.

keep walking toes in toward you, while shifting hips back over and past your shoulders. This is the trick in being able to lift legs off the ground. For me, it wasn't about a lack of core strength but feeling comfortable with shifting my hips and booty that far forward.

drawing knee into chest as your reach opposite leg into the air is another way to get into supported headstand if your not able to pike-up. knee into chest is a great way to engage thru your core and create the stability you need to come into your headstand.

Lauren Schwaiger Yoga - Headstand Pikeups

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as you can see from this vid, I still have a ways to go on this. I still fall out of it and my legs are all over the damn place. Never Give Up, right!? ;)