sweet sunday's

I just love long & lazy, yet productive, (if that makes sense) Sunday's. Lots of emails going around about upcoming projects, prepping food to have ready to eat throughout the week, Sunday grocery shopping and just simply enjoying the day before another week begins.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Much Love,


chicken + sauerkraut midi meal

hard Boiled egg, cucumber & hummus snack  (sprinkled Cayenne on top of hummus)

simply steamed sweet potatoes. Excellent pre/post workout complex carb

Black Rice stir fried with chicken, red onion, mushrooms & toasted sesame seed oil

Navel Orange | Cacao Nibs | Pumpkin Spice
This was tonight's sweet treat...one of my favorite types of dark chocolate is one infused with orange essence. This satisfied my sweet tooth and seriously tasted just like I was biting into a delectable orange infused dark chocolate bar. SO good.