the perfect day.

Thursday was pretty much, in my world, a perfect day...the weather was gorgeous, light day of clients, fun errands that involved the mall (always a good day), had a killer leg workout followed by an 80 minute massage + dinner out with the girls to celebrate some big news -- one of my very best gf's is preggers!!! I was overjoyed by this news.

Power Greens Mix (Trader Joe's) | Spirulina | Goji Berries | Banana & Kiwi
| Raw Vanilla Protein Powder | Coconut Milk

Quinoa Salad:
2 Hard Boiled Eggs | Raw Beets | Tomato| Celery Root | Jalapeño Verde Salsa

Soooo, I kinda have a thing for socks. Colored ones. I love wearing a pair that compliments the bright colors in my shoes. I can't stand white socks and think there are very few pairs of shoes that white socks actually look cool with. Black or colored, yes.


A little pre workout FitPic..

WOD: Cardio + Legs

Cardio Treadmill: 30 minutes walk/jog

Leg Circuit:
- Stability Ball, Glute/Ham Raises: 15 x 4
- Alternating Reverse Lunges: 1 minute x 4
- Elevated Side Plank Hip Raises: 10 x 4 (each side)
- Kettlebell Swing Switches: 1 minute x 4
- Single Leg Dead Lifts: 1 minute x 4 (each side)

Kickin' it before my relaxing. Snapped this quick photo and then locked up my phone in my locker to disconnect for a bit. This was amazing -- I am so ridiculously addicted to my phone, (I think I speak for most of us when saying that) it was kinda liberating to be without my precious iPhone for a couple hours.


Bruschetta for the table..

White Bean + Farro Soup.

Portobello Mushroom Salad
I cannot resist ordering this salad every time I eat here. Love Portobellos. Added some grilled salmon for some protein.

We all decided that we were NOT ordering dessert and then these were delivered to our table...!!!  Our dear friends from Toscana heard the good news and brought these over..
Hey, we tried to be good. haha

Much Love,