Tower of London

Tower of London

After The View from The Shard, next stop...Tower of London. So much more than I anticipated, we spent the rest of the day walking the impressive, beautiful grounds of the castle, climbing up and down the towers and taking in the history of all that happened inside the fortress walls.

The most amazing and grand part of the tower, and what I was most looking forward to --  The (glorious) Crown Jewels!! Of course, this is the one and only section of the tower that they don't allow photos to be taken. I totally tried to sneak a couple of times and let me tell you, they quickly put the kibosh on that -- Shut down! The jewels, crowns, swords, necklaces and royal garments are the most stunning, ornate pieces I have ever laid my eyes on! Absolutely incredible.

When we finished up at The Tower, rather than taking the bus back, we hopped on the river boat to head down the River Thames to wrap up an amazing day of sightseeing! xx

Much Love,

Neat shot from inside the bus...just crossing over the Tower Bridge

The River Thames

The London Eye

Westminster Abbey