Tuesday Tidings - Food & Fitness

hi hi! Hope you all had the best day. Quick drop in to share today's clean eats & gym sesh.

Clean Eats

delicious bowl of oatmeal to get the day going.
1/4 oats | banana | goji berries | 1 TBSN chia seeds | raw pecans

midi snacks

ya know...just getting in my Rush Espresso fix.

mixed greens | baked cod | steamed asparagus
light & healthy fish din... That is absolutely NOT a cream sauce on top of the fish - its thickened up with arrowroot which is a really healthy way to thicken up sauces & soups without adding cream. Its gluten free, too! :)

WOD - Hamstrings & Triceps

- Treadmill: 30 minutes power walking: Speed: 4.0/ Incline: 10.0

Hamstrings & Triceps Circuit:
- Stability Ball: Glute/Ham Raises: 20 x 3
- Skullcrushers: 20 x 3
- Single Leg Dead Lifts: 15 x 3
- Balancing: overhead, db triceps extension: 20 x 3 (do 10 reps on each leg)
- Balancing: Straight leg kickback: 20 x 3 (resistance band around ankles)

lots of balance training today with a big focus on hamstrings.  As I've written before, I'm super quad dominant and I've really been feeling it lately as I've been a little slack on training my glutes & hammies.

I'm off to a hot yoga class that starts in ohh, 25 minutes!  Wishing you a relaxing Tuesday night. Much Love,