Valentine's Day & Weekend 2015

Hello, Hi & Happy Sunday. Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day full of Love Love Love! :) My babe and I had a wonderful day of sleeping in, yoga and then a fun trip to Whole Foods -- sipping on wine (for him) & rose (for moi) while shopping it up, getting everything we needed for our scrumptious Valentine's Day meal that we were preparing at home. Restaurants are so crazy on Valentine's Day, I already told A last week that we should just stay in, cook a yummy dinner, drink wine & eat chocolate! lol So that's what we did + invited a few of our best friends over to celebrate with us! 

Much Love, 


We chose 2 recipes from this beautiful cookbook - Cooking In The Moment...
Hard Cider - Braised Pork Shoulder + a Salad of Red Lettuces w/ Blue Cheese, Red Grapefruit & Sunflower Sprouts 
This meal was a Labor of Love & so worth it. We started prepping at 4pm. My babe braised the meat first, then we cooked our pork shoulder in a dutch oven for about 3 hours. So tender & so delicious.

goat brie x sheep cheese x  variety of olives x macrona almonds x
fig preserves x apples x lots of vino & champagne 
= YumYums

We got these beautiful, perfectly ripe, stemmed strawberries -- just perfect for chocolate covered strawberries!! While I was doing the strawberries, I thought it would be fun to dip in some ginger cubes that we pretty much always have in the house. Both were so good. I used Ghirardelli 60% Cacao. 
This made for a sweet yet healthy Valentines Dessert! :)

Continuing our weekend celebrations, we met my parents for a fun wine/mimosa Linner (late lunch/early dinner) at Bricktops.