Wednesday Clean Eats

Hey Heyyyy!! Hope you guys had a Happy, Healthy Wednesday!! Just a super quick check in to post some of the days clean eats and then I must get back to packing. I swore I wouldn't wait til the last minute to pack and here I am scrambling the night before, getting all my stuff together -- this is pretty standard.

Spinach | Spirulina | Coconut Milk | Banana | Kiwi | Cinnamon | Raw Vanilla Protein

Chi Chi Beans + Sweet Potato
Literally the same exact thing I ate midday, yesterday -- only difference was this was my pre workout snack rather than post.

Pork Tenderloin | Sauteed Kale | Roasted Brussels

So I'm holding out on you guys....I made a really yummy, NOT Green smoothie this afternoon but I'm saving it for this week's Sunday Smoothie.

Cardio only for today's workout -- After legs on Monday and Boxing + Yoga yesterday I am super sore. Plus, I was short on time today.

- Treadmill: 45 minutes
- Warm Up: 5 minutes: Speed: 4.0/Incline: 3.0
- Intervals: 40 minutes: 2 minute walk/1 minute run: Walk: 4.0/Run: ranged between 6.0-7.0

G'night & Fit Dreams! xx