Weekend Motivation

Happy Weekend loves.
Catching up from the last couple of days, I have lotsa clean eats to share with you to hopefully help motivate you to eat well throughout this weekend. Ah, weekends!! Each week we wait for the weekend to roll in so we can relax, unwind, maybe catch up on some sleep and have some fun before the hustle & bustle of the next week starts all over again! Along with our precious weekend comes more socializing & loads of temptations to get side tracked from YOUR health & fitness goals that you work so hard to achieve all week!
Yes, of course...enjoy life and indulge a little just don't throw all caution to the wind, eating & drinking your face off to the point where you wake up Monday morning feeling all ughhh!! and like you have to start all over again. Its just not worth it guys. Remember... consistency, consistency, consistency. This is what it takes! Food is pretty repetitive here. I cooked/roasted/steamed a bunch of chicken, Brussels Sprouts, Quinoa & Sweet Potatoes beginning of the week to have ready to eat. I'm currently on a mission to get back to my pre-winter leanness and then some. So here we go -- clean & simple.


Quinoa | 2 Egg Whites | Tomatoes | Mushrooms | Brussels Sprouts

Spinach | Quinoa | Chicken | Veggies | Raw Pepitas

Mmm, fresh fruit for dessert. Orange | Strawberries | Cinnamon | Cacao Nibs


1 Whole Egg/2 Egg Whites

Midi Snack

Round 1: latte + fruit
I camped out at my fave coffee shop, Rush Espresso for a good 3 hours yesterday just getting stuff done. I've written about this place before and I just can't say enough about it. Chill vibes (Ed Sheeran album playing) almond milk lattes, healthy food & the sweetest staff.

Round 2: chamomile tea + chicken over greens
 I turned one of their chicken panini's into this...so good

 AprΓ¨s Yoga Salad
Just a light salad after yoga last night. By the time I got in, showered and threw this together it was about 930 so just protein & veggies. Sprinkled some cayenne on top.

Annnnd this is what I ate for brek this morning. Yummy oatmeal w these delicious dried cherries I picked up at TJ earlier in the week!

I'm off to yoga! Happy Saturday, have the best day! xo