Yoga to the Core

Hey Hey loves!!
Quick post to share today's Yoga Challenge pose.. well, exercise really,  of the day - Bicycle! Bicycle is just a really awesome ab exercise to strengthen both the abdominals + back! I also threw in Twisted Cheetah which is kinda like Bicycle in high plank. Cheetah's are one of my fave yoga core exercises - super effective. Do both moves slow, controlled, with integrity and as always move with your breath.

Much love - xx


Belly pulls in tight, press low back to the mat - exhale and twist opposite elbow to knee

Twisted Cheetah

Start in High Plank Shoulders over wrists, strong/straight arms, drop the booty suck up that belly!

Twist opposite knee to elbow/tricep as you exhale - abs draw in tight! aaaaand the other side ;)