Hey Hey lovelies! Hope you had an awesome Tuesday!So yesterday's post kicked off the 2 month countdown to Spring -- that's right, just a short 8 weeks until we start peeling off all those layers of clothes we've been hiding under for the last few months! What steps & changes did you make TODAY to move yourself closer to reaching your goals and becoming a fitter, stronger, healthier & happier version of  you?! -- #fitandhappy

Motivational Fitness QuoteDon't ever compare yourself to anyone else. You never know what part of the journey they might be on. The only person you need to be concerned with is YOU. Strive to make small, consistent changes each and every day and I promise, again though -- with consistency -- you will see changes.

I had a fantastic day of work, a wonderful business lunch at Common Market, a killlller boxing sesh + just got in from a nice hot yoga class to close out the day.

Blackberry + Goji Berry OatmealSo this isn't the prettiest bowl of oatmeal I've made but it still tasted delicious.

Superfoods Oatmeal ToppingsSuperfoods Oatmeal: Cacao Nibs | Raw Pecans | Goji Berries | Blackberries

Lunch at Common Market...

Thai Curry Soup - Common MarketThai Curry Soup - Seriously good. made with coconut milk + a little spicy kick. YUM!

Common Market - Hummus + Egg Salad Mixed Greens with cucumbers, tomatoes + scoop of Hummus & scoop of egg salad. The egg salad was so fresh and had little to no mayo in it. Nicely done Common Market! Most places drown their egg salad in Mayo -- ick!! Stay away.

Alo watermelon juiceNew discovery! This right here is definitely my new favorite Alo flavor. I hadn't seen this Watermelon + Peach flavor until today -- LOVE! So refreshing & hydrating.

Sweet Potatoes & Chick PeasPost Boxing carbs: sweet potato & chi chi beans with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice & red pepper flakes.

Chicken, Asparagus & Red CabbageSpinach + Feta Stuffed Chicken | Steamed Asparagus | Red Cabbage

G'Night & much love,