Motivation Monday

Hello Hello! Happy Monday loves. Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!First off, 10 days til Spring -- oh yesss!! The weather was freakin' amazing all weekend and today. I'm running around on a sunshine high. I thrive in beautiful, happy, sunny, warm, weather. I just want to eat fresh fruits & veggies (and protein, of course) and workout! yep. Business as usual over here....another busy Monday filled with PT sessions. I was supposed to go the dentist and was lucky enough to change my appt and get in later in the week. I would have been stressed to the max on time if I had gone to my appointment. Monday's have become super long and crazy because I've started taking this acting class which starts at 830pm and runs til 1030 -- however, we never end at 1030, always run over and I've been getting in at 1130pm every Monday night. Sooo now, I go directly from my last client of the day (7-8pm) directly to this class. Whew. It is quite the day, for sure. But all good.

Good things come to those who work their asses offYes. Yes. And Yes.

Power Greens - Green SmoothieGreen Smoothie first...

Power Greens, Green Smoothie Recipe

Maca Powder, Chia Seed Oatmeal and then oatmeal about 20-30 minutes later... Oats | Maca Powder | Chia Seeds

Red Rice, Fried Eggs & TomatoPost Workout Meal... 2 Fried Eggs (in coconut oil) over Red Rice | Tomato | Raw, Unsalted Nuts

Lemon Water & ParsleyLemon Water + Parsley first time I've done this with parsley and I totally enjoyed it - super refreshing

Chicken, Sweet Potato & AsparagusMmm Mmm din! I was starving!

So I'm running back out the door and will post today's super sweaty cardio sesh later tonight or tomorrow.

Enjoy your Monday evening! xx LS