Spring Countdown.

Hiya! Hope you all had a very happy Monday and enjoyed an extended weekend if you had the day off. Normal, full day of work for me, plus, some exciting things!!1)  We have exactly 2 months to go until the first day of Spring -- March 20th -- if there were ever a day to mark a Spring Countdown --  today would be the day! Absolutely gorgeous, sunny and a oh so lovely 65 degrees. Ahhh  This of course was just a teaser considering the temps are only going to continue to drop as the week moves on. All good tho.... 2) Thursday. I'm off to London!! yesssss. I can't tell you how over the moon excited I am for this trip! London has been on my list for quite some time and I can't tell you how ecstatic I am to get there! Going to be amazing. 3) Came home this afternoon to a package -- ordered some cool, new accessories online and they were delivered today! yayyye I was afraid this wasn't going to arrive in time to enjoy on my trip, but I got lucky! Will do a post to share my new loot with you.

Monday Gym Sesh

Warm Up: 5 minutes, Jump Rope Treadmill: 15 minutes walking

Leg Ciruit: - Side lying leg raises (resistance band around calves): 30 sec x 3 (each side) - Lateral Jumps: 1 minute x 3 - Glute/Ham Kickbacks: 30 sec x 3 - Unilateral, Squat/Upright Row Combo: 1 minute x 3 (30 seconds each side) - Core exercises: 1) Double Crunches: 30 sec 2) Side Planks: 30 sec each side 3) Mountain Climbers: 30 sec

Followed by lots of stretching & foam rolling. I had so much energy today but when it came time to workout, my body felt tired & heavy. ughh Hate this feeling. Pushed thru and felt great afterwards.


About that Spring Countdown....

Summer Bodies Are Made in The Winter Warmer weather and yes, less clothing to hide under is right. around. the. corner. What changes are you making to achieve YOUR summer body?  Remember, small victories. CONSISTENT changes daily, weekly all add up to make for some BIG results. "One bad meal isn't going to make you fat, just like one clean, healthy meal isn't going to make you fit" Spring CountdownDon't let this guy be you...make the commitment to yourself to the best YOU that you can be.

Kale + Banana Green SmoothieStandard brek - Green Smoothie

Black Rice + Apple SnackBlack Rice Stir fry from Sunday + Apple to eat in between sessions

Dean & Deluca Lunch D&D run -- Greek Chicken Salad + Kale Salad + Green Tea w/ lemon & cinnamon

Apple + Almond ButterPre workout snack. Apple + Almond Butter -- never. gets. old. Luhh this.

Last minute dinner out at Ilios Noche. Had a big Country Greek Salad -- cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, subbed out feta for goat cheese, added arugala and blackened salmon + 1 glass of pinot noir. Came home and ate 2 pieces of dark chocolate. yumm :))

Much Love,