15 Reusable Water Bottles to Up Your Water Game

I couldn’t find my tank in the same color but linked the same one in two cute colors. My tights are from Lulu Lemon and no longer available. I linked a cute & similar pair from Nike. 

How much water do you drink in a day? I drink a gallon+ depending on my activities {hello, hot yoga!} and time of year. When I’m not hydrated, I just feel…blah. I feel sluggish, foggy, my skin doesn’t look as healthy & vibrant and my body simply doesn’t feel its best…

When I tell people how much water I drink, the most common reaction I get is: “WOW, I could never drink that much water”! I always say, “Yes you can”!!
Just like so many things in life, drinking more water is nothing more than creating a new habit. Getting in the habit of carrying a water bottle with you is one of the easiest ways to up your water game! I promise you, once you start doing this, you’ll be drinking more water without even thinking about it! I literally never leave my the house without one of my water bottles.

I really love to carry a 1L bottle because its makes it super simple to keep track of how much I’m drinking. I know that once I’ve drank 4, I’ve got my gallon in for the day!

There are so many awesome {and super cute} reusable water bottles to choose from, I wanted to round up my favorites to share with you here on Le Blog. Pick one {or two} and make sure you bring your bottle out & about on the daily! Personally, I am a fan of glass bottles over aluminum and don’t worry, the glass bottles come with a protective covering! I’ve included options and fun colors for us girls, the boys and even a couple options for the littles. Its so important to form those healthy habits from a young age!

Happy Monday & thank you so much for poppin’ in! I hope you have the best week! xx


15 Reusable Water Bottles to Up Your Water Game

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